‘I can’t engage Wike, he is like one of my sons’ – Rotimi Amaech

In a recent interview with Channels TV, former Rivers state governor now Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amechi, says he cannot be engaged in a war of words with his successor and incumbent governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, because he sees him, Wike, as one of his son.

Both politicians have become arch rivals since the latter declared his intention to run for office in 2015 and took over office from Amaechi. Last month, what would have resulted in a bloody crisis was averted when the security details of both men clashed while they were passing the same road in the state. Both of them have taken each other to the cleaners whenever they have the chance to.

In this recent interview, Amaechi says Wike is like a son to him and so he cannot be engaging him. According to him, when he was the speaker of the state house of Assembly, Wike was just a local government chairman

‘“He (Wike) was my staff; he is like one of my sons. Why should I engage him? He was local government chairman when I was the Speaker (of the State House of Assembly),” he said.

Speaking further, Amaechi said

“The governor has just one agenda – if he is in his toilet, ‘Amaechi’; if he is outside his toilet, ‘Amechi’… what baffles me is not the governor, it is the people. When I was governor, I used Rivers State’s money on projects in the state. If you visit the state, you will see the primary schools that we built. No matter what the governor does, the projects are there. I hired 13,200 teachers who are alive, I established primary schools, the primary schools are there. They are no longer maintained. When I was there, I appointed a contractor whose responsibility was to come to school like the children.”


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