NBA president reacts to argument over Hijab

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, A.B. Mahmoud, SAN, has reacted to the development where one Amasa Firdaus was prevented from being called to Bar due to the wearing of hijab.

On Tuesday, Firdaus, a graduate of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) was denied entry into the hall where the ceremony held by officials of the Council of Legal Education (CLE) for failing to remove her ‘hijab’ covering as directed.

Firdaus’ plight has stirred controversy online with Nigerians calling for justice in respect to constitutional right to freedom of worship.

NBA President, Mahmoud Olufunke Abimbola, in reaction said the matter would be addressed, adding that the NBA would embrace diversity.

According to him, the argument about Hijab is needless.

On his twitter page, @abmtwitt, Mr Mahmoud said, “UK based Nigerian lawyer recognized for promoting diversity in the legal profession. The NBA will embrace diversity and tolerance in the Nigerian legal profession. The Hijab issue will be addressed.

“The controversy here on Hijab is needless.”

The NBA President went further to share a picture of his daughter being admitted to the New York Bar while wearing a hijab.



  1. Why do some people delight in stoking needless controversy? It is annoying that when people misbehave, they run to religion for shelter. The Nigerian Bar is a body that has its set norms, It is not a church or a mosque. Anyone who objects to its agreed norms and traditions should not seek to be admited there. If that girl believes her religion does not allow her to comply with the dress code for those being called to the bar, she should go away. There is no issue of religious freedom here and that nonsense must stop in this country. A troublesome girl like this could later refuse to appear in court with the prescribed legal robes.

  2. Mr. NBA chairman, this is Nigeria and not the USA where you claimed your daughter wore hijab to call to bar. There may not be prescribed paraphernalia in the USA so let’s respect it like that whereas there is prescribed apparel in the call to bar in Nigeria, let’s respect that too at least until it is officially amended but until then, a code is a code. Do not shift the goal pole in the middle of the game and do not let religious bigotry becloud your sense of reasoning. If tomorrow the code says you may dress to suit your taste or religious inclination so be it and mind you we have more than christianity and Islam in the country so the dispositions of all concerned must be considered.

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