Nigerian Actor recounts how he miraculously survived a ghastly car crash ( See Photos)

Popular Nollywood Yoruba actor, Jamiu Afeeze, has taken to his social media to post some photos while recounting how he miraculously survived a freak auto crash.

Here’s how he shared his story and photos on Instagram;

“8th of November 2017 was a day I will never forget in my life, the day that could have been d end of my life journey but the omnipotent saved me! I was heading to ilorin for a movie shoot on that fateful day with my friends, on getting to eye-nkorin (3mins) drive to ilorin town.

“I couldn’t say this was exactly what happened, the tyre didn’t burst neither did the break failed, all I could remember was that d car just swerved and d next thing the car began to tumble severally, I was without a belt cos I was at d back seat, all that was ringing in my head at d moment was death and all I could uttered was just “Astagfurulahi”.

“I already concluded we all won’t survive, I just wanted the car to stop and probably I would have migrated to the other world but God showed us mercy, he gave us a second chance. I was down for days, couldn’t work for weeks, I became a regular customer with my doctor but Alihamdulilahi all that was over. Allah has helped to put the devil to shame.

“My covenant with God is that “I, my family, friends and fans shall not die young” To all d few friends I told, to all that stood by me, from the depth of my heart I’m saying a big “Thank you” for ur support financially and spiritually, ese modupe gidigan oooo, we won’t mourn over any of us Insha Allah. #My2017Testimony#”


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