Senator Ben Bruce laments over low patronage at his cinema

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has spoken about the lingering fuel scarcity in the nation and how it is affecting businesses and individuals, especially during this festive season.

According to him, ‘This is the first time in my life that I have not seen long lines of vehicles and people coming to @SILVERBIRDCINEM during the festive season. I hope other businesses are faring better’.

He continued: “How did we get to the point in the year 2017 where a Nigerian earning the minimum wage of ₦18,000 can’t even fill up his fuel tank with his monthly pay. Can’t buy a bag of rice with his salary. Can’t buy a one way ticket to his hometown for Christmas with his wages. How? Why?”

“To the Nigerian people, I feel your pain. Yuletide is a time our people travel to unite with friends and family in their hometowns. The fuel scarcity makes that difficult. I wish I could offer our people more. But know this, even this shall pass and a better Nigeria will emerge.”



  1. Mr common sense senator, please do us a favour and declare your monthly take home pay, then we will all see how we got to this point.

  2. At least Mr Senator won’t feel it much as his monthly take home of over N45m will fill in the gap. It’s just that the common Nigerians he’s talking aren’t as lucky

  3. He says he feels our pain. I doubt if he does. He has businesses and he is paid heavily.Yet he is also not happy that the fuel crisis has hampered people fromn going to the cinema. Where is the money to eat and buy before spending for leisure? Has he advocated for the increase of the minimum wage since he became a senator?

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