Nigerians warned against cholesterol foods

Nigerians should monitor their diets to live long, a nutitionist, Mr Charles Ogwuike, and Lader Oil Limited Marketing Manager Evans Ndukwe, have advised.

Speaking at a conference on Cholesterol and its Implications for human body in Lagos, Ogwuike said cholesterol kills unannounced.

He said cholestrol kills faster, when combined with high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other life- threatening diseases.

He said cholestrol provides Vitamin ‘D’ and hormones, which the body require to function well, adding that cholesterol kills when it is in excess.

Ogwuike said: ” From the angle of a nutritionist, cholestrol exists in human body naturally. It helps in formation of hormones, building Vitamin ‘D’ and other nutrients the body needs for growth. However, cholestrol is bad, when it is too much in the body. That is why a man must run from fatty and organically produced foods, to reduce cholestrol his level and further live long.”

He said eggs, yam, beans cake and other fried foods must not become a daily routine, if a man wants to reduce his cholestrol level and live long.

He urged Nigerians to use Lazer Oil to prepare their foods. He said the oil is cholestrol free.

Ndukwe said people complained about the price of Lazer Oil and forgot the health benefits, such as reduction in the cholestrol level.

He said the oil is used in United Kingdom and other developed countries.



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