President Buhari shocked after finding out Yusuf spent N114m on power bikes

President Muhammad Buhari didn’t know of the existence of son Yusuf’s power bikes, a new report has claimed.

According to the Newsmen, Yusuf acquired the motorcycles for him and his friend Bashir Gwandu back in June 2017, buying two at N57 million each from Germany.

The accident, which left Yusuf needing brain surgery, resulted as a collision between Yusuf and Gwandu.

The website adds: “Our source revealed that upon the purchase of the two power bikes, they were kept at Gwandu’s residence, located in Gwarinpa District, in the Bwari Local Government Area. “Yusuf, who has three operatives attached to him from the Department of State Service (DSS) reportedly struck a deal with his security details, who allowed him to always sneak out in the night for racing at Gwandu’s place.”

“The operatives, against their pattern of operation and procedure of duty perpetually rolled out their daily reports without that aspect of Yusuf’s movement, the compromise that got President Buhari seriously infuriated.”

The DSS operatives who were assigned to Yusuf have been sacked, according to the report.



  1. Enough of fooling Nigerians! Enough!! How could Buhari be shocked that his son purchased 2 bikes worth =N=114 million? From where and whom did he get the money? Nigerians need an explanation on this. Now I’m really, really disappointed about this administration. Perhaps critics of Buhari are right afterall.

  2. My brother, this administration tire me. Your feigning shock ignorance at the purchase made by your son shows that you are really not in control. Any system of government that gives room for the family members of the ruling family to have such wealth without any real known source other than the nation’s resources is a government laden with corruption. Abeg forget about the fake fight against corruption. I withdraw my complete support for this PMB administration.

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