Daddy Freeze slams Redeemed Church’s 50-Day fasting and prayer

OAP Freeze never leaves any stone un-turned when it comes to the way he feels about Nigerian pastors.

In a post he shared on Instagram, Daddy Freeze requested that RCCG should remove him from their mailing list after sending him the prayer points for the “Day 2” of their 50 days fasten and prayer continues.

He also advised the church to teach their members how to work hard and make money rather than telling them they can pray their way to wealth.

See his post below….

Dear city of David, kindly remove me from your mailing list.

I’m not a member of your church, neither do I share your philosophy of praying for what developed nations work for and have largely achieved. According to the RCCG website, you people have circa 33,000 branches. If you turned 10,000 of those branches into factories, you won’t need to pray and fast to ‘fulfill purpose’.

If another 10,000 were dedicated to ‘FREE EDUCATION’ less prayers would be dedicated to fulfilling purpose. If the redeemed church made their schools FREE OF CHARGE AT LEAST FOR THEIR MEMBERS, it would be much easier for them to find their purpose and fulfill it!

I once took my kids to your primary school and I was told it was about 500k a term, do I need to say more?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the nations of China and UAE are fulfilling their purpose through hard work, innovation and charity, NOT PRAYER, emulate them!

Why 50 days of fasting and prayer? Even Jesus himself fasted only 40days…. The one you people prayed and fasted last year, how far had it taken the body of Christ? Or the nation as a whole?

Nigeria is predominantly christian with 51% of the population being christian, does it show? The richest nation on earth per capita is Qatar and it’s a Muslim nation, out of the top 8 wealthiest countries on earth per capita, 4 are Muslim nations and one is Buddhist, the only christian nations that made the list are predominantly Catholic. NOT ONE COUNTRY THAT IS PREDOMINANTLY PENTECOSTAL MADE IT TO TGE LIST AND THIS IS WHY!

While you dedicate 50days to praying and fasting, they are building their nation and would eventually lend us money!

A few days ago, Bill Gates came to bail us out by paying our $76million bill and you are here praying for fulfillment of purpose? ~FRZ




  1. Daddy Freeze might be nobody as people and pastors say now but he is more intelligent and sound than this Pastors. He knows and quotes bible to back things up.
    Why are we like this in Africa and that’s why we get insulted always. Look at the insults from Trump recently. Can’t our so called leaders think and bring us out of this mess religion etc are putting us and make our continent a better place.
    We’re already empowered by God to do many things we pray and fast for. Why are we so stupid even to God because he will just be laughing at us himself for fasting and praying for things we can unlock ourselves.

    Honestly this is pathetic.

  2. In advanced nations they work and research hard to achieve greatness and to keep on improving on their effort to make the world still a much better place to live on, of which Africa is benefiting immensely
    In Africa a larger majority are being deceived into wasting their precions time on some useless prayers
    And the result is underdevelopment, poverty and so many people are hugely deprived
    The pastors are smiling daily to the banks while the misery of most of their credulous followers continues
    After all their own reward is in heaven

    • Obviously the situation we find ourselves in Africa. At this point, in my opinion government should intervene in religious matters because it’s not taking us anywhere so far.

  3. Which government? Both government and religious leaders needs deliverance in Nigeria. It’s high time Freeze is taken seriously.

  4. The way daddy freeze is going, I think he wants to discourage people from serving God. So it is now a sin to fast and pray abi? Na wa o. I am still trying to understand his motive. ofcourse there is no smoke without fire. If you are a child of God, know God for yourself and live to please God. Study the Bible, pray, meditate (Joshua 1:8), obey His words and live a holy life. By their fruits, we shall know them. And as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord. Nigeria whould have been worse than this if not for the prayers of the saints. The reason we are not developed is not that God is not answering our prayers, but because we have alot of wicked and selfish leaders. If Daddy freeze really means well, then he should not be anti-christian, not just criticize but profer sensible solutions. for example let him talk about the herdsmen killings and solutions.I rest my case for now.

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