“Without you I would never have made it through” – FFK pours encomium on former wife

Although Femi Fani Kayode is married to Precious, the former Aviation Minister still has so much love and respect for his ex-wife and he let everyone know this in an Instagram post this morning.

Without you I would never have made it through - FFK pours encomium on ex-wife Lailasnews 2

Without you I would never have made it through - FFK pours encomium on ex-wife Lailasnews

Gina is the mother of FFK’s daughter Remi, the former minister spoke of her in flowery terms and showered her with praises that was obviously so sincere and from the heart.

Read what he wrote below…..

“Happy birthday to my wonderul Gina. May God bless you and be with you now and always. You are such a blessing to me and to our beautiful daughter Remi.

Patient, kind, loving, forgiving, strong, joyful and filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Your counsel on all matters is worth more than all the treasures of the earth.

As constant as the northern star, you are a true Daughter of Zion: beautiful, charitable, sensitive, faithful, long-suffering, resilient, wise, compassionate and bold and so blessed am I to have shared so much of my life with you.

Ever since I first laid my eyes on you in 1993 you have brought me nothing but love, kindness, peace, joy, prosperity and blessings.

You helped me to discover myself and saw me through the most challenging times of my life. Without you I would never had made it through sweet Gina.

There is no doubt whatsoever that God sent you into my life. You are an angel and I will always love, honor, respect and appreciate you.

May you live long and prosper and may you go forth to fulfil destiny. Greatness beckons and you shall excel and play your role.

Love from Precious, Aragorn and everyone here. We are all so proud of you. You are our pride and our joy. You are our strength. Love you Gina….always will.”



    • He may have realized all these thereafter. It dosnt take away the past. Nothing wrong in acknowledging an Ex. This is a good gesture and good for the extended family as long as there isnt anymore sexual relationship.

  1. I’m sure this man does not know what love is. He is so engulfed in politics that he runs his home as if he is playing politics.

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