Man narrates how accident victims were neglected by road users in Lagos

A Nigerian man took to Instagram to narrate the aftermath of a road accident which occurred around Ikoyi along Lekki-Epe express way, and left many injured in the early hours of today.

Man narrates how accident victims were neglected by road users in Lagos lailasnews 3

Man narrates how accident victims were neglected by road users in Lagos lailasnews 1

According to @Joshbanditt, the accident victims were neglected by road users who left them to their fate by videoing instead of taking them to the hospital.

. He wrote;


This morning I was driving from ikoyi along lekki-epe express; I sighted an accident scene and to my greatest amazement a lot of people were just looking and staring, couldn’t even render help nor give the victims space for air.

There was huge traffic (no one even cared everyone drove past) I got close and was asking what’s been done, everyone was videoing with their phones; even people with vehicles came down from their cars to video. I was amazed because IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOur BROTHER OR YOUR SISTER!!! Cause it’s not them doesn’t mean we should not show 100% love and care to one another. My brothers and sisters na so I tell them make dem put this people for my car oh people dey style up and down. MOST IF NOT ALL NIGERIANS ARE HYPOCRITE.

I had to Abuse and insult these people in anger and come down by myself personally to assist in taking the victims to the hospital. On getting to AVE-MARIA hospital close to 4point hotel they were given some injections and we was told they couldn’t admit them that we had to take them to General hospital or something like that(there was chaos I was confised😰) we had to drive back to the accident scene by this time is was daylight;ambulance had arrived we now had help; they were taken out of my car and given immediate medical attention. I thank God they are all receiving treatment. I want to commend this one guy who took it upon himself to assist me in rendering help to these people. IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE!!!!! BE YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER!!!



  1. Too bad of us all, we are more interested in taking photos and videoing the scene and rush to the social media to post. Talk of putting relevance and or fame above fellow citizens life, meanwhile, we are always the first to criticise our leaders when we think they are not doing well!

  2. had a similar experience, was in a tricycle on my way home from work and sat at the back seat on the extreme left. We were hit from behind and the tricycle flipped over and landed on it’s left side. Unfortunately,that was where i sat ,hitting my head on the floor in the process. The others got out unhurt except for me, i had scratches, bleeding scalp and a painful chest.
    To my utmost surprise, people only gathered around ,gushing about the accident, no one was willing to rush me to the nearest hospital. I kept praying i shouldn’t pass out. Eventually, someone was kind enough to give me his phone to call family, i started screaming and begging to be taken to the hospital. I had to beg the passerby’s that they should not be scared of the bill, just dump me at the nearest hospital and my family would foot the bill.’
    Eventually, they bundled me into the car that caused the accident and took me o the hospital.
    When i look back to that day, it sends chills down our spine. Thank God the accident happened close to home. What if i had been abandoned????
    I think it’s high time the government passes a law on accident victims. A hospital has turned down an accident victim in my presence simply because they were not sure if his bills would be settled. Doctors/the medical professionals have become so cold hearted. No value for life.
    It’s a pity….

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