We’ll not work with Osinbajo-led panel – Miyetti Allah Cattle

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, has rejected the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo-led panel that should find lasting solution to clashes between herders and their host communities mainly in Benue and Taraba.

The group strongly believes the Osinbajo-led committee on killings by herdsmen would not produce the desired result with the inclusion of Taraba’s Ishaku and Samuel Ortom of Benue.

North East zonal Chairman of the Miyetti Allah, Alhaji Mafindi Danburam, told Punch that the two governors, who have promulgated “military decrees” in their states, would influence other members of the committee .

He pointed out that the ban on open grazing was anti-Fulani.

Danburam said, “The committee would not produce the desired result with the inclusion of Governors Darius Ishaku and Samuel Ortom of Benue.

“The two governors, who have promulgated military decrees in their states , will make attempt to influence other members of the committee . The ban on open grazing is anti-Fulani.

“I want to tell you that I am disappointed completely in this present administration because this crisis has been happening for the past three years and the Federal Government did nothing to stop it.”



  1. MACBAN is certainly not in a position to dictate to the govt who to appoint to any committee it constitutes. It is also an insult by MACBAN to insinuate that govs Ishiaku and Ortom can influence the other governors and above all, Prof Osinbajo.

  2. Miyyeti Allah group may have a point if they think the constitution of the committee is lopsided.
    They should be enlightened if it not so.
    May God bring lasting peace to all areas in Nigeria. Amin

  3. The fact is that the Hausa/Fulani has no aota regard for any non Hausa/Fulani man, not even for the vice president
    We all are aware of how they treated Osinbajo when Buhari was away on sickness leave
    The silly rivalry among the south, particularly between the Igbo and Yoruba is not helping matters a bit
    That is why an erudite professor of Osinbajos calibre has to play second fiddle to a semi literate Buhari who can’t even read well a prepared speech
    What a shame of a failed nation called Nigeria

  4. @Sunny. It is clear that u did not read this news item at all bcos if u av read it, u would av discovered that their grouse is not Osibajo but the two governors of Benue & Taraba that were included in the committee. Osibajo’s name feature here bcos he is the head of the committee & so the committee is known as Osibajo committee.

  5. The MACBAN is like any other association and if it is anti establishment, it should be proscribed. They have no right to question the composition of the committee after all their members are carrying out a business so let them go and rent land for cattle breeding and rearing.

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