You look like a sex doll – Fan reacts to Mercy Aigbe’s new photos

Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe be looking all shades of gorgeous and “bright”, in a new picture she shared on her Instagram this afternoon.


“You look like a sex doll”, where most of the comments under the photos she shared.

Recall she was heavily bashed after she also shared a picture with Nollywood Actor, Bola Ninalowo, getting cozy together, with many calling her out and tagging the photo as inappropriate.

Now in this new photo, they’re tagging her as someone who looks like a doll! Lol.

The fan, @ifetemi said; “U looking so dope but come oh, also looking like a Sex doll why too fine??”

See the reaction below…



  1. Wjy can’t our women stop trying to look like Caucasians as a standard for beauty and sophistication. We represent ourselves as inferior to the
    Oyinbo in eveyway. Slavery mentality tjat Black Americans have ingrained on our psych

    Look at Mercy Aigbe and Omotola !!!
    No matter how bleached up our women get to look white and the weave on, wig and attachment that we stitch on to our head, we can never be Caucasian. God made us Africans.A unique and different race
    Lets be proud of who we are. God did not make a mistake with us. Women stop aping foolishness. African hair is beautiful, African skin is beautiful. Stay who God made you to be
    If he made you to be fair skinned, fine! If you are dark skinned, fine! Love your skin. Love yourself! Dont try to be who you are not
    You are telling God, He didn’t create you well enough.

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