AdeLove Freebies – N50,000 to be given out to Highest Commenter (See List attached)

AdeLove Freebies - N50,000 to be given out to Highest Commenter (See List attached)

If you see your name on this list, it means you are about hitting it big as we are considering fans with 800 comments or more.

So far, it looks like Ashafa Tomisin might be winning the N50,000 by February 11th 2018. The name has more than 6,000 comments thus far. Let’s see how it goes! If you did not see your name here, it means you need to start working hard to beat the guys listed here by doing as many comments as you wish. The more comments you make, you more points you get. You can make comments on others like News on Politics, Celebrity News, Jokes, Adelove Stories and others.  Please make sure you stick to the email address you’ve been using before. If you comment using another email address, it won’t be added to the old email address you have on file.  Let the game get started.

  • Ed has 2,383 comment points so far
  • Neyonce has 1,040 comment points so far
  • Paschal has 971 comment points so far
  • Omonikemi has 1,208 comment points so far
  • RITTYBLUE has 950 comment points so far
  • Sunny has 1960 comment points so far
  • Dupe has 1423 comment points so far
  • Florence has 1,654 comment points so far
  • Joyce Aigbuza has 828 comment points so far
  • Ashafa tomisin has 6,764 comment points so far
  • Anamele Kizito Banito has 1,961 comment points so far
  • Laurel Barbie has 1,586 comment points so far




  1. that’s good,
    I will miss this opportunity because of the network problem we are having,
    success to those that will be winning,
    but Adelove, you guys should find any other way to consider we the old fans.

  2. While I agree that this is an lofty project meant to promote idea sharing, one would have thought that the quality of comments and relevance to human development should count and not the number of comments made by certain individuals! Many people have the time to make silly comments, and probably will then go ahead and win this award if stringent criteria are not set. So what is AdeLove teaching the society? And of course I have seen the comments made here in response to this initiative. No one is thinking about the relevance of the award! I think it’s high time the current generation woke up to their responsibility. AdeLove, please take note!

  3. Hmmmmm, see jealous human beans, abi na human rice. Thumb up adelove joor. Wen una dey win #3,000-#5,000 airtime then i no kuku vex o, jus dey continue wit my usual activities. Now is likely i rank up as d top, u pple are now bringing moral talks. Abeg, shift joor.

  4. Wao,…… Adelove, good to see… dis, continue giving us good story and we won’t stop being ur fans and commenting here….. can’t love dis blog less……

  5. from when adelove start to count comments. good to know that Adelove show consideration to their fans effort in commenting.

  6. Wow…Adelove you’re just Awesome. Not minding the joy and information given to us, you still have this big surprise for us. Thanks and may God bless you. #loveadelovestory

  7. wow,this is gr8,i pray almighty God continue to bless nd uplift ur organization
    i hope the freebies would b spilt among the top 30 commenters,so winnings will go round

  8. i stopped commenting d day i made correction of wat i observed(which adelove later corrected) nd all my comments was removed…i was so surprised..


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