(Video) I saw Yahaya Bello in decorated prison uniform – Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye just shared a video on his official Instagram page mocking his long time enemy and Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello. The senator said he saw the governor in a well decorated embroidered prison uniform.

I saw Yahaya Bello in decorated prison uniform - Dino Melaye Lailasnews 1

For as long as we can remember, both men have been at each other’s throat and according to Dino Melaye in the new video,

‘Bello threatened that many members of the National Assembly will not return in 2019 and I begin to ask myself why will any intellectually mobile character. sound and sane, speak like that’.

He continued to say that,

‘and if anyone wants to talk like that, it’s not a man that has commited electoral fraud, who is awaiting trial and obviously will soon go to prison. And I had a dream recently where I saw Yahya Bello’s prison uniform specially decorated with embroidery, so I’ll be shocked that Yahya is already threatning people not to come back because, he’s not a voter in Kogi State, secondly, he cannot contest elections in Kogi State come 2019’.

Senator Dino Melaye has never been in support of the Kogi state Governor ever since he was elected into power. Dino Melaye called the governor a coronated governor and not a duly elected governor.

The lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial district, Senator Dino Melaye, has described the State Governor, Yahaya Bello as a “coronated governor” and not an elected one.

Melaye said since his “coronation” Bello has brought such “calamitous exhibition of wickedness” on the state.

He said back then:

“Yahaya Bello is not an elected governor,he was coronated hence his outrageously calamitous exhibition of wickedness.”

In another case in October 2017, Dino Melaye accused the governor of spending more than N40million on mere propaganda.

He said

“Yahaya Bello today spent about N40m today on adverts in leadership newspaper (72 pages)

“To propagate lies when he has not paid salaries and pension for over 15 months;

“Workers are on strike and he is engaging in colossal wastage. God help us.”



  1. Is Senator Ajeku iya now a prophet?…. Derez nothing we won’t see/hear in Nigeria. Both Dino Melaye and yaya bello are thieves.

  2. the funny aspect of everything he said is the decorated embroidered prison uniform, when did they start decorating prison uniform this man na war

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