This viral photo of this family has got people talking

This adorable photo of a father, mother and daughter just hit the social media and has been trending.

Social media went into frenzy with this raunchy family photo of a couple chilling out alongside their little daughter in a swimming pool.

In the trending picture, the man was seen smooching and kissing with his wife while holding their little girl who innocently seemed oblivious of what was going on.

Aside the much skin on show, viewers were equally treated to the spectacle of the highly indulgent man who went as far as grabbing her partner’s butt. Crazy, right?

Most viewers would certainly feel it was wrong to do such but from all indication, this man would seem not to care.



  1. That’s his wife for heaven’s sake, abegi. If he doesn’t do it to his wife, na side chick, e go do am to. Biko, make una park well joor.

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