Men change for who they want, love can’t be forced – Toke Makinwa advises ladies

Media personality Toke Makinwa has taken to her Instagram page to advise ladies.

According to her, love cannot be forced, and men change for who they want.

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Toke Makinwa advises ladies lailasnews

She shared the above post and wrote;

“This!!!! I saw this and screamed amen so loud😂😂😂😂 same thing I was telling someone yesterday. It has nothing to do with you, stop blaming yourself for not receiving the kind of love you gave out, sometimes these things don’t work because they just aren’t meant to be and that’s ok. People don’t change for who they want, people change when the time is right and quite frankly growth happens when you let it. That “bastard” is someone’s future husband and guess what? She’s not going to see that side of him. Not excusing bad behavior but as I grow and learn, I realize this thing called love cannot be forced. Love yourself enough to swallow that jagged little pill called truth and walk away with your head high. You’ll meet your own king and you won’t need to beg or force him to treat you right. Ladies this one is for you. #Relationshiptalk #OnBecomingFearless💯 #Loveisagameofwin #evenifyouloseyoustillwin #Takethelesson”



  1. Mak true but the first thing you need to ask yourself is what does this partner expect from me. Can I give or be that? See relationship is not about what you want but what your partner needs. If both of you have that mindset then your love language is going to be a bomb! Either will never let go no matter how green the outside pasture seems

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