Bola Tinubu breaks silence on Obasanjo’s ‘letter bomb’

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has described as “doctrine of military officers”, the letter ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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In the letter, Obasanjo advised the president to forget about 2019 election and retire from active public service.

The elder statesman also accused Buhari of turning a blind eye to the shortcoming of his allies.

Speaking with reporters after a meeting with Rochas Okorocha, governor of Imo state, Tinubu accused Obasanjo of playing politics with the letter.

He said the former president should have discussed the issues raised in the letter in a private meeting with Buhari.

“Obasanjo wrote it about the government. It is a very good awareness on his part and they are both from the same background,” he said.

“I believe that is the doctrine of military officers; because he has unrestricted access to the president, either through the council of state or by any other means that he needs to see the current president. The president was his junior in the army.

“They also met at the African Union meeting. He has a way of discussing with the president any time he wants.

“So, I think Obasanjo was playing politics with his public letter, that’s all I see. He could have used other means.”

On the Coalition for Nigeria Movement, the APC leader said the time is not appropriate for a response.

Tinubu stopped over at Owerri, Imo state capital, while on his way to Oko in Anambra state, for the burial of Alex Ekwueme, former vice-president.

He was accompanied by Bisi Akande, former governor of Osun state.



  1. The Jagaban is not naive. Of course, the game is politics. The Jagaban and APC may have to suffer collateral damage from OBJ’s letter.

  2. No damage at all and no damages to be paid only,if seemingly Gray (unclear) areas as perceived by the Nigerian populace are thoroughly looked into while appropriate corrections are effectively made. That’s all. The wailing caucus are the real enemy of genuine Nigerians,the anti progress for this nation. Sooner,the anti progressive elements shall be unveil and put to shame. This is path way to Nigeria development if, many of us can quickly see beyond. Never a time,in Nigeria history that we are about getting out of mess the many past mindless leaders put us, distractions by perpetual,selfish individuals rearing their ugly faces resurface. Not again this time around. Think fellow Nigerians.

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