My original statement stands – IBB finally speaks

Former military President Ibrahim Babangida has spoken on the controversy around the statement he issued about the 2019 elections.

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In the statement well-circulated in the media on Sunday, the retired military ruler, better known as IBB, asked Nigerians to have patience with President Muhammadu Buhari till his tenure ends in 2019.

He also harped on the need to have a new breed of leaders.

But shortly after that statement signed on his behalf by Kassim Afegbua, his spokesman, was made public, a counter-statement was released.

The new statement denied some of the critical issues raised in the previous one, saying IBB had “unfettered channel of communication with the highest authorities”.

But in a chat with Newsmen, the elder statesman said “original statement still stands”.

The newspaper said when Babangida got informed that a counter-statement had been issued, he instructed Afegbua to reach out to media houses to reaffirm the validity of the first statement.

Babangida reportedly said the second statement was issued by friends and had nothing to do with him.

However, the ex-president was said to have expressed dissatisfaction with the way the statement he issued was treated.

Nigerians reacted to the controversy in different ways.

Babanginda released the statement less than two weeks after former President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a letter to Buhari asking him not to contest in 2019.



  1. IBB,your so-called statements, whether original or fake. Whether there are three,two or one, doesn’t remove the fact that you are talking nonsense considering the damage you did to the psyche of Nigerians with your very corrupt administration

  2. We all know that the barrage of problems facing this country is more than what Buhari can handle. These problems we created by the previous governments. But wait a minute IBB, Buhari has performed better than u did throughout your reign. We thank you for the message. Nigeria is surely blessed by God but cursed by men like u.
    I cry for this country because those who are capable of saving us won’t be allowed to rule us because of religious, tribal and ethnic sentiments. It is not too late, let us reason and act as one Nigeria. May God help us.

  3. #were created.

    The day we realise that it doesn’t matter where our leaders come from, the better. Don’t allow anyone choose for u. Say no to those leaders choosing who and who lead us.

    My people, do u think party primaries should be done only by delegates or should be thrown open to registered party members?

  4. IBB of all people having the guts to speak about Nigeria’s political situation,very insane. Can IBB ever be exonerated from the problems confronting this nation with all the various vices he introduced? This man needs to be constantly reminded of his numerous evil deeds against Nigeria and Nigerians. Who legalized corruption,hard drugs trafficking ,419,hired assasination,bombings,etc if not IBB? I will not be surprised if he has hands with acts of economic and security sabotage Nigeria is experiencing now,he is indeed an evil genius he called himself.

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