See photos of Bishop Oyedepo’s $40million Bombardier Challenger Private jet

Senior Pastor of the Living Faith church aka Winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo’s $40million Bombardier Challenger Private jet, seating pretty in his Dominion Hangar at Lagos Airport?. Bishop Oyedepo is reported to be the richest pastor in Africa.

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Check out photos of Bishop Oyedepo

Check out photos of Bishop Oyedepo

Check out photos of Bishop Oyedepo

OMG! How much is $40m in Naira again?



  1. People contributing those money are poor pety traders and you’re enjoying on their contributions are meant for the welfare of the church and not for your personal enjoyment. Help the poor all around you

  2. Most people here are hypocrites. $40m for plane when most of the church members can’t even afford 3-square meals not to talk of a car. I am talking from experience because i was attending this church before at Ota until some of the members couldn’t afford the University they paid and suffered for.

    Honestly, this world especially Africans already lost it and i don’t see them getting it back.

  3. Fellow Christian Brother or Bishop Oyedepo. I congratulate you as you continue to enjoy yourself riding a $40 million plane. But remember that the poor staff working in your Church ministry are being paid a mere =N=20,000 ( twenty thousand Naira) working Monday to Sunday. That is 7 days a week and about 12 hours a day.The food voucher meant for these poor workers are being salted away by the senior staff as they are given only one voucher each out of 30 vouchers collected while about 20 vouchers are being salted away by the senior staffs. Remember God is watching you and remember the day of judgement. Ride on brother. GOD deh ooo.

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