Drama as RCCG Pastor runs away during Church service… (Video)

A pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God stunned his congregation when he suddenly ran away from the pulpit.

The members of RCCG City of David, Victoria Island were taught a serious lesson some time ago when something dramatic happened.

The Lead Pastor, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade had decided to teach his congregation the subtle lesson on fear and in the most dramatic means possible.

It was reported that it was Digging Deep service at church and Pastor Idowu had began his sermon by reading a particular scripture until he stopped midway and ran off the stage. In a matter of seconds, the rather disturbed congregation and pastors too, were on their feet running.

A few seconds later, after he must felt that his point had been aptly illustrated, he called the church to order, announcing that it was only a game. Pastor Idowu, afterwards read from Psalm 91 and taught on the how the knowledge of the truth of God’s word safeguards one from fear.

The illustration was too accurate, showing how much people, Christians especially respond to fear (even in spiritual gatherings).

Although the video is not a recent one, it still remains very relevant.



  1. Hmmmmmm…. Datz d problem with us in dis couNtry…. Once we see people running, we won’t wait to know wat d problem is and whr d danger is coming from, we’ll join in d race running helter skelter thus leading to death…. Like d bomb blast issue den, people were just running into d canal witout waiting to see exactly whr d blast was happening…. FEAR.

  2. Dats a big lesson. In fact pastor ur a gud teacher. U practicalized it for them to see. We hv dis problem in naija, once we see pple running we join them without knowing d reason

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