God made virgins for Husbands not Boyfriends – Reno Omokri is here again

According to Reno Omokri, a virgin will have a tighter relationship with her husband than a lady who has had multiple sexual partners.

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Reno Omokiri uses images of fish to describe how

I’m sure all the mature people reading this know this is laughable? Preaching about virginity in 2018 is just a little weird. Of course having multiple sexual partners is weirder and crazy, but safe sex in a loving, respectable relelationship with one partner is okay, when you reach the age of maturity not as a teen. But please read what he wrote above and tell us if you agree with him…



  1. Hmm why do we hate d truth? Marriage is meant for virgin and not for those who have useless themselves , but due to the fact that everyone is working with their heads thus not mean we should work with them as well, 80% of those who go against ds write up must have slept with numerous before the blessings of marriage that they called White marriage or church marriage

  2. U r right and to also tell u some gave the I virginity to their boyfriend eh later becomes their husband. Happy ending.

  3. hmm….I agree with him because God himself call it FORNICATION. We hardly follow the ways of God in this present generation…And the funniest part most guys don’t like dating virgins again…All is well

  4. adelove pls find something to do about the insult here, bcos we can’t afford some pple to turn this blog to market and i believe we are all mature y are u guys insulted ur self like baby nd even sending ur self home to ur parents, that is very bad ideal ooo.

  5. Being a Virgin till you are married is a moral virtue expected from every young woman/ man in our society. But note that the loss of virginity before marriage is not a death sentence to hell. Many virgins have ended up as very bad wives while the so called disvirgined wives are some of the best wives and mothers we have around us today. Please we should all strive to teach and bring up our children to uphold the best moral standards. None of us is a saint we are all guilty in one way or the other.

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