Obasanjo should be arrested, prosecuted for corruption – Senator Adamu Abdullahi

A former Governor of Nasarawa state, Senator Adamu Abdullahi, has lambasted former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying his latest letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, was aimed at promoting self as usual.

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Recall that Obasanjo, had in an open letter to Mr Buhari titled “The Way Out: A Clarion Call For Coalition For Nigeria Movement”, asked the President not to seek reelection in 2019 and called for a coalition to move Nigeria forward.

But, addressing a press conference titled ”The Antics of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo” in Abuja on Monday, Adamu, a serving Senator, posited that Obasanjo cannot, “escape the charge of impure motive and that he took this step, not to try and set things right for the sake of the nation but to promote Obasanjo for the sake of Obasanjo.”

According to him, the former President had unhindered access to President Buhari, wondering why he chose to ridicule the Presidency by writing an opening letter the way he did to former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014.

Senator Abdullahi states further: “In a civilised political culture, it is taboo for former presidents to openly take a sitting president to the cleaners. Our former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, has faithfully kept to this time-honoured culture of a former ruler not washing the dirty linens of a current ruler rather gleefully in the public. So have former President Shehu Shagari and former head of state, General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

“The question is, if Chief Obasanjo meant well for Buhari, his administration and Nigeria, why did he not choose the option of quietly offering his advice to the president? In taking his case to the rowdy market place of sensationalism, he clearly intended to score cheap political points at the expense of the president.

“He intended to undermine the Buhari administration, subject the president to public ridicule and impugn his moral strength and integrity to lead the nation. As he must have obviously expected, his statement was intended to heat and is heating up the polity and causing confusion at this critical time when the myriads of our national challenges commend themselves to our statesmen and women for sober reflections rather than indulgence in crass sensationalism. It is a disservice to the country.

“No administration is a total success and none is a total failure. Chief Obasanjo cannot honestly claim that he ran a perfect and totally successful administration. Because he did not. Every administration grapples with problems thrown at it by circumstances beyond its control.

“President Buhari inherited an economy that was unsteady on its feet. He also inherited the security problems such as Boko Haram, armed robberies and kidnappings. Yes, I agree, that under his watch these problems should grow less, not more. But the solution to problems such as these is a slow and agonising process. He has no powers to simply make them disappear over night.”

“Since he left office on October 1, 1979, to local and international applause Chief Obasanjo has systematically sought to undermine every federal administration after him. He has today set up himself as the moral conscience of the nation. He believes he has acquired the wisdom of King Solomon and has consequently imposed on himself the right to decide who rules us and how we should be ruled.

“I am aware of criticisms that the president appointed only northerners as heads of his security agencies. There may be some merit in a national spread but a president reserves the right to fill such positions with those who command his implicit trust and confidence. That is neither unconstitutional nor a moral crime.”

On the accusation that Mr Buhari is selective in prosecuting the anti-corruption war, Adamu reacted this way “Chief Obasanjo said that President Buhari is selective in his anti-corruption war. I agree with him because if the president were not selective, Chief Obasanjo himself would be in the dock today on trial on charges of corruption arising from the corrupt practices in the pursuit of his third term gambit in the national assembly in 2006.

“Today he denies that he ever nursed such ambition. And being a man much favoured by .. ‘ God. he has repeatedly said that if he had wanted it and asked the almighty for it, he would have given him the third term.

“He knows as well as I and other leading members of the PDP that he badly wanted it and initiated the process of constitutional amendment. He bribed each member of the national assembly who signed to support the amendment, with the whopping sum of N50 million to make the constitutional amendment scale ”trough.

“The fresh, mint money was taken in its original boxes presumably from the vaults of the Central Bank of Nigeria and distributed among the legislators. The money was not his and it was not appropriated by the national assembly as required by law. I, therefore, agree that in failing to make former president account for that money. President Buhari is waging his anti-corruption war selectively.

“Nor should we forget that President Buhari has also not bothered to interrogate Obasanjo’s role in the Harliburton scandal for which some Americans are cooling their heels in jail. Perhaps, President Buhari might need to look in the Siemens affairs in which the Obasanjo administration was indicted and for which can: hug-mans were on trial. What became of the trial?”

Senator Adamu said Obasanjo’s call for a “Coalition for Nigeria is a red herring across the path of our constitutional government. He is free to form a political party and pursue his ambition of being the power behind the throne but such a national movement would achieve no discernible purpose in the economic management and the social administration of the country.

“I believe that the Nigerian people and the Nigerian state have been most kind to him. Chief Obasanjo has a moral obligation to make the country succeed in solving its myriads of problems. That, i believe, is one way he can give back to the country that has given him so much

“As a friend, I wish to advise the former president to pull back from the dangerous path of rubbishing all presidents that came into office after him. Bringing everyone down is not a patriotic duty.”



  1. Yes I agree with the Senator that Papa Obasanjo always write letters to Presidents of this Country to ridicule them in public, Papa Obasanjo did it to Babaginda in November 1992, state of the nation write up in the Guardian Newspaper, and President Babaginda a very wise and intelligent man threw a parable at Papa Obasanjo — the view of the passenger changes when he takes to the driver seat—it turns out to be prophetic as years later Papa Obasanjo became the President of Nigeria and every hardship he accused Babaginda of then happened in his own time with more devastating effects. PapaObasanjo did it to Abacha and many Nigerians of age then knows what happened, Papa Obasanjo did it to the gentleman President Goodluck Jonathan who in my opinion is one of the best hands to have ruled this Nation Nigeria till date.
    Now Papa Obasanjo has done it to President Mohammadu Buhari.
    Having said the above,I don’t support the hardship we are currently going through under this PMB government.

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