(Video) We must kill the snake swallowing our money before it kills us – Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President of Nigeria and potential 2019 Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar gave a speech at the 2017 Silverbird Man Of The Year Awards where he reacted to the recent news of the mysterious ‘snake’ swallowing our money.

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Atiku Said; “We have to kill the snake of corruption that swallows our commonwealth meant to lift our people out of poverty. Whether the snake is in a JAMB office or any other government office, we must kill it befoe it kills us”.

Meanwhile, Atiku has called out the federal government over outsourcing of projects meant to benefit Nigerians.

Atiku cited airing of the ongoing Big Brother Naija in South Africa and unveiling of Super Eagles World Cup jersey in London as some of instances in which the government had outsourced Nigeria.

The former Vice President, while speaking at Silverbird Man of the year, also condemned treatment of Nigerian elites in hospitals abroad.

He said “Our elite are treated in Europe. #BBNaija is being broadcast from South Africa and @Nike is unveiling our FIFA World Cup Jersey in London. Is this the extent to which we have outsourced Nigeria?

“The solution is to enact laws to prevent leaders from diverting public funds from the public health sector to the treatment of the elite in the best hospitals abroad.

“If you can afford it from your own private resources, then pay for it. But do not make the tax payer pay for it.

“We must accept that the difference between Nigerians is not North and South, Christian and Muslim or PDP and APC.

“The difference is between good and bad people and we must demonstrate that the good are much more than the bad, “Atiku said



  1. Atiku, just spare yourself all these shallow talks. When you were in government as VP and head of Nigeria’s economic council what did you do to correct all the maladies, according to you, we have now because those maladies were also prevalent then. Some of us have memories as long as the fat snakes “swallowing our money”.

  2. i swear he is even d leader n chief of d snakes. these politicians always present themselves aa saints. i tire

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