Buhari isn’t different from Jonathan – reactions to the president’s presence at wedding in Kano

Earlier on Saturday, President Muhammadu Buhari visited Kano for the wedding of Fatima, daughter of Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano state, and Idris, the son of Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo state governor.

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The president handed over the bride price of N50,000 to the Ganduje’s family on behalf of the groom. At the end of the occasion attended by the high and mighty, the president returned to Abuja.

However, social media has been on overdrive, with many criticising Buhari for not visiting Benue, Taraba, Borno and states where killings and abductions have been recorded this year.

Those defending the president are not up to a quarter of those attacking him over his presence at the social function.

Below are some tweets:

@MBuhari, no one can claim going to Kano for the wedding celebration of the kids of two APC Governors is misguided, however, you also need to be present in places where tragedies occur, Benue and Zamfara readily come to mind. You don’t want to be as callous as your predecessors.

President Buhari attends wedding in Kano, but REFUSED to visit Benue where scores were slaughtered by terrorist herdsmen. Mr Buhari daily, through his actions and the inactions, tells us where his priorities lie.

Jonathan was in Kano after a bomb blast. We cried our eyes out and insulted him to the highest heavens.

Buhari in Kano to attend a wedding. Refused to visit Benue and Yobe. No noise.

President @MBuhari is an adult. He decides where he goes. He decided it’s Kano today. And to Kano he went.

1. Benue
2. Adamawa
3. Taraba
4. Yobe
5. Borno
6. Kaduna

These are States were hundreds of Nigerians have been butchered and killed in the last 6 months.

Buhari SWORE TO LEAD FROM THE FRONT. He never thought it wise to visit any of these states. But he is in Kano for a wedding.

So President Buhari is going to Kano today for wedding of the daughters of Ganduje/Ajimobi but couldn’t visit Dapchi or Benue, Adamawa or Taraba? Kai

The way Buhari was screaming when Chibok happened and insulting GEJ, you will think he will be in the bush now in Lake Chad.

I’m of the opinion that President Buhari should visit Dapchi where 110 school girls were abducted by Boko Haram.Kano is not far from Yobe State.
The other time, he was in Nasarawa State, but didn’t visit its next door neighbour, Benue where over 70 people were killed by herdsmen.

President @MBuhari is in Kano for a wedding. Scores of citizens he swore to protect were killed in Benue, Zamfara, Taraba etc and the closest he has shown empathy is invite the leaders of the affected groups to the Villa. This is what leaders go down for in sane societies.

It’s totally unwise for Buhari to have gone to Kano for a wedding when he’s yet to visit Yobe (where some girls were abducted) and places like Borno, Mambila, Benue, Zamfara etc. where several people died. The critics have been given something to talk about.

President Buhari rightly canceled multiple events when his son, Yusuf, was in hospital. But seeing Buhari celebrating and dancing in Kano while parents are weeping, while Zamfara is mourning, while Kaduna is burning and Adamawa is on fire, is a new low for Nigeria!

I’m glad Buhari attended the Governor’s kids wedding in Kano. Sad that he could not find time to visit Dapchi to lead from the front or Zamfara to console them over the death of 41 people or Benue to sympathize with them over the killing of 73 people by killer Fulani herdsmen!

No one expects @MBuhari to carry guns himself and defend helpless citizens but sometimes, sometimes? most times empathy goes beyond press releases and just stating what is being done, PMB come across as a stoned faced, insensitive leader right now, more can be done to change that

.@GEJonathan was RIGHTLY criticized for junkeetering during some National crisis but at least he did get it after a while, the title CiC is not just Commander in Chief, it is also Comforter in Chief, @MBuhari the President can show that Kano crowds are not his only constituency.

Right now 🇳🇬 enemy are kidnappers, Boko Haram, ISIS invaders violent farmers and violent herdsmen, corrupt public servants in and out of the very same government, not those who have opposing views to us. Yes @MBuhari is an adult, but no one begged him to seek public post.

For the sake of those who have the interest of all of Nigeria over the interest of those they serve, advisers and those close to @MBuhari @aishambuhari should look them in the face and let them know, those crowds may be hailing but many more are WAILING, MOURNING EVERY SINGLE DAY

The @MBuhari govt has proven to be irresponsible on many fronts. Attending the Kano wedding is dancing on the grave of those killed in Benue, Taraba, etc.@MBuhari is not different from @GEJonathan they are both insensitive to the people’s needs.



  1. true true i concur. i love this part more The way Buhari was screaming when Chibok happened and insulting GEJ, you will think he will be in the bush now in Lake Chad.

  2. We r in a country where only d rich rules, where did leaders do not care about d masses but only after their own selfish interest . Mr President, I pray u read all

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