Armed robbers of yesterday cannot be our option – Adams Oshiomhole bombs PDP

Former governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has told the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that “armed robbers of yesterday” cannot be Nigerians’ option.

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He said this while maintaining that rebuilding Nigeria cannot be an overnight affair.

The former Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, boss urged the public and the media to always go back to things that have be written in the past concerning Nigeria’s current economic hardship, herdsmen attack and unemployment to see if they were caused by the ruling party.

Oshiomhole insisted that the current economic hardship was the result of the PDP stealing money meant for public welfare.

He spoke to newsmen at his Iyamho countryhome in Etsako West Local Government Area of the state, at the weekend.

According to him, “It was laughable for people to raise issues of unemployment, economic hardship, and herdsmen attacks against the ruling All Progressives Congress when several editorials written by Nigeria’s newspapers in the past had always harped on such issues.

“The daily confessions of PDP members on how public funds were looted should tell us that ‘the armed robbers of yesterday cannot be our option.’

“All the newspapers editorials written from the days of the PDP were about all these issues you raised. They did not develop yesterday. What was meant for public welfare was stolen by the PDP.”



  1. PDP members are what Fela referred to as Pen Robbers more or less. Replay his disc on ITT & consider the stealing in trillion dollar during PDP rule. I beg make we leave to nemeses. L

  2. Likening PDP to armed robbers may be a little too harsh but considering all the atrocities it committed against my God-given country,Nigeria, it can never be a good and viable OPTION in Nigerian politics again.

  3. Ever since you (Oshimole) became a governor, your integrity has been compromised. You have become so corrupt. Stealing and hiding the truth has become a new garment on you.I guess this nature has always been part of you even as a labour only pretended to be clean waiting for a bigger opportunity like this. Oshi and ole are two words coined out of ur name in Igbo and Yoruba meaning THIEF. Always look inward first before you say or comment on issues bothering Nigeria.

  4. Who r d robbers of today? Apc is full of deceit and lies. When u were d Nlc leader, I really admired ur transparency but now u have joined d league of liars to destroy Nigeria

  5. APC was voted to fix the rot we find ourselves today. Since they have no capacity to do that, let them throw in the towel and consider themselves as failures.

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