(Video) Buhari visiting troubled states immediately would have been window dressing – Femi Adesina

Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has given reasons why President Buhari is visiting troubled states now. In a video shared on the presidential twitter handle, Adesina said President Buhari during the crisis sent delegations to the different states to access the situations and after receiving their reports and studying it, he has decided to visit them now.

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Adesina said if president Buhari had visited the states during the crisis, it would have amounted to mere window dressing.

When those clashes began in January and some people were clamoring for the president to visit, our position as government was that the president will visit at the proper time. And what was the president waiting for? He had commissioned people to visit and express his condolences to people who lost loved ones and he has sent security agencies. He needed to receive reports from them. Having received those reports and scrupulously studied them, the time to visit has now come and that is why he has begun the series of visits that will take him to those five state. The lessons for us as Nigerians is that we need to understand our leaders. If they don’t respond the way we expect them to do at time, it does not mean they are insensitive. It does not mean that they do not care for the [eople. President Buhari is a methodical and stytematic person.

If the president had wanted to play politics with those tragedies, like he has told me privately and like I have said in different interviews, he would have rushed into the palce, said a few correct things and people would have hailed him and what would it have amounted to, mere window dressing. But rather, he wants enduring solutions”he said



  1. talking trash, no let him wait until his Fulani brothers wipe out the entire community before he will visit or do something.

  2. Mr Adesina where’s your friend lie Mohammed? You two need to combine your lies to find suitable one to deliver to Nigerians. His son had accident, Buhari dashed to the hospital panicking even sacked his body guards. But other Nigerians killed/ kidnapped are animals. Please try another lie.

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