Students must sing National Anthem in Yoruba daily – Ambode orders principals

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State on Tuesday directed that students in public and private schools in the state should sing the National Anthem in Yoruba Language daily, to preserve and promote the Yoruba culture. The Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule, relayed the directive at a meeting with Principals and Head Teachers of public schools in Lagos.

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She said that Yoruba Language would also be made a compulsory subject for students. Gov. Ambode had signed the Yoruba Language Preservation and Promotion Bill into Law on Feb. 8. Adebule said that Wednesdays had been declared ‘Yoruba Speaking Day’ in schools, with all teaching and learning activities from assembly period to closing being done in Yoruba.

”Gov. Ambode wants me to pass this message to you, that henceforth, Yoruba language be made compulsory in both private and public schools. ”The National Anthem must be sung in Yoruba on a daily basis too.

The Egbe Akomolede has done the translation and we will send the copies of the Yoruba version to your schools by Monday so you can begin to teach the students. ”I have also met with the owners of private schools and we have relayed this directive to them.

We are also considering translating the textbooks of other subjects into Yoruba Language because I believe that when students are taught in their mother language, learning will be easy and their level of performance will improve. ”The state government is passionate about this Law, so we do not lose our language, culture and heritage,” she said.

Adebule said the Ministry of Education was doing an assessment to ascertain the number of Yoruba teachers that would be required to effectively teach the language in public schools. She appealed to the school managers to cooperate with the government to drive and ensure the effective implementation of the Yoruba Language Preservation and Promotion Law.

Mr Lanre Ogunyemi, Chairman, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Education, said at the event that the development would be beneficial to the younger generation and generations unborn.

”In Finland, you must pass the Finnish Language before you are offered admission into high institutions. Same is done in Germany, China and other developed countries.

We need to adopt such to drive development and foster national unity. I beg you all to key into this law and make it work, ” Ogunyemi said.

Reacting, Mr Mamodu Braimoh, Assistant Secretary, Nigeria Union of Teachers, Lagos Chapter, commended the state government for the development. Braimoh appealed to the government to ensure adequate training for Yoruba teachers as well as provide incentives to motivate them.



  1. This is a symptom of a great leader. May God bless this man. Others should not be ashamed to call ‘copy cat’. They should emulate Ambode ASAP. Believe me, the transformation of our nation within few years to one of the strongest will be amazing with this policy.
    Self confidence and believe. Well done my able governor

  2. So, because I live in Lagos state I must speak Yoruba abi? And some myopic persons are here hailing such backward directionless statement, very soon they would be teaching maths in Ede or Egun language, kids are in school to learn if the Language option is made a compulsory subject in Lagos schools then thats a different kettle of fish, you can’t force schools to make kids say the National Anthem in other language save the accepted and widely spoken and linqua franca which is English-language. We have other pressing issues like the menace of Tanker nd truck drivers on Lagos roads and bridges et el,do deal with issues that have far reaching and lasting impact on a greater majority of the populace than this tribal slant of a decision. Thank You your Exceĺlency Sir.

    • @Gobir: The same policy the Yoruba forefathers made to make Lagos a viable place to live for you and I is the constitution this governor is making. Lagos problems have been solving one after the other. The indigenes has decided to make their language priority in other to foster self confidence and development. As a guest in Lagos you’ve got no choice rather than to obey or move to other region. Stop criticising for your self and selfish interest only.

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