Nigerian woman urges the government to legalise abortion

Following a one day sensitisation workshop for women on ‘Unsafe Abortion‘ the president of the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS), Mrs Gloria Shoda has appealed to the Federal Government to remove legal restrictions on abortion to ensure safe services.

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The workshop was part of the activities organised in collaboration with IPAS to mark the 2018 International Women’s Day in Abuja.

Mrs Gloria Shoda disclosed that the failure to reduce the high rate of death from unsafe abortion in Nigeria is as a result of lack of access to safe abortion.

She added that the situation has been fueled by social and economy vices, and unsafe abortion has caused over 70,000 deaths annually worldwide, Nigeria inclusive.

According to her:

‘In most parts of the world, women don’t have access to safe abortion and this leads to the death of more than 70,000 lives on a yearly basis. And this number is increasing due to the fact that most women do not have access to safe abortion in their respective countries’

Shoda said that where enabling laws are available, deaths and disabilities from abortion are greatly reduced.

She said most times services are expensive and facilities are often poorly equipped in terms of manpower and materials necessary to handle abortion emergencies.

‘There are emergency situations where an abortion will be the only solution to save the life of the victim, but deaths eventually occur as a result of poor facilities in most of the medical centers across the country – They are not just well equipped to handle abortion emergencies and this is due to the law restricting abortion’ she said

She urged women to embrace the use of contraceptives to reduce the incidences of unwanted pregnancies, which could lead to unsafe abortion.

“We also encourage our young girls to abstain from sex until marriage,” she said.



  1. Wether legal or illegal, no one on earth can stop abortion
    It’s better to abort than bringing to earth children that will be neglected and condemned to suffer lack of care
    Many upcoming youths hear and read about sex and naturally will always want to experience it, hence the issue of unwanted pregnancy
    Nature is stronger than anything man made
    Take it or leave it, it’s plain fact

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