God have Mercy!! Housemaid caught feeding 1-yr-old baby with liquid soap

A young girl who worked as a house help has been caught after poisoning her boss’ 1-year-old baby with liquid soap in Lagos when the young girl was caught she said she did it because she wanted to leave.

According to a video trending online, the young girl could be seen questioned by an older woman.

Watch video of them questioning the house help below. Instagram user, Desola Sholanke shared a video of the girl and wrote;


The video has sparked outrage online.



  1. She should be punished,she should be beaten,she should be fed some…and many more were said. But,no one quarries what could have led her into such act. Many Masters and Mistress are far beyond than devil. Recently,one woman (just last week) at Ikeja,Lagos state was caught by some fellow women which spotted pressing iron injury inflicted on the house maid that accompanied her to drop the devil women’s children at school. I am of the strong opinion that the household in question should be thoroughly investigated. Going by the religious doctrine, what you eat,drink,cloth yourself,your children (biological), same ought to be given to your maid. Many do the other way round. Yoruba parlance says: `O na lo jin,eru na ni baba”. Literally, blood run in the veins of house maid.perhaps destiny made it so. It’s high time people have a rethink and abides by God principles. Yet,not in the least supported the maid ill action.

  2. Hmmmmmmm…… dere must be a spirit in dat girl… cos according to her, she was not maltreated……. even if she wanted to return to her parent like she said, dat should be d way out….. or is she thinking if she killed d baby, dere won’t be any job for her in d house anymore and dis will make her madam release her.

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