Let Us Eradicate The Stigma !!!

Let Us Eradicate The Stigma !!!

Mental Health and Mental Illness

Mental health is your general state of wellbeing and state of mind, something that should be looked after.

Mental illness is something that disrupts your mental state and interrupts how you feel, communicate and behave. This can be effectively managed and the individual can live a normal life & function well.

There is still a lot of stigma around mental illness and emotional well being among the black and minority ethnic group.

As we start a new week,

Lets talk about it !!!

Say hello to someone today !!!

Ask after a friend you haven’t seen in a while !!!

Send a text message or a quick phone call…that could be life saving !!!

@Healthhub360, we are currently delivering free mental health awareness sessions for schools, churches and corporate organisations.

Get in touch today

Other services provided by Healthhub360 includes Medical Tourism, Occupational Health Services & Concierge Medicine.

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