DMPN urge CBN to re-brand 100NairaNotes

Digital Media Practitioners Of Nigeria urge CBN to consider re-branding of 100naira notes. They took social media by storm few hours ago by sharing their thoughts on why there should be a re-brand the Nigerian currencies especially the 100 naira notes that do turn to rag easily.

DMPN call for proper handling of Naira, urge CBN to re-brand #100NairaNotes lailasnews

DMPN also hint on proper handling of our currencies. The poor 100naira notes sparked the discussion on social media earlier today but trust Nigerians, they were able to share their views on difficulties they have been experiencing as so far.

#100nairanotes has been a trending tag on Twitter for hours even till now, that’s to tell you that DMPN really want CBN to do something about it.

As a Nigerian, it’s our role to handle our currency properly but the reverse is the case, it’s high time something has to be done.



  1. I swear d 100 naira notes we have outside now are all out of it….. Too rough, too dirty… Some don become rag sef.

  2. Part of the solution is to start immediate Arrest of those who trade in the N100 notes for spraying at parties, particularly in the south west area of the country.

  3. Let the citizenry embrace the culture of keeping their naira notes inside purse rather than squeeze them inside pockets and all sorts of containers.

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