Why Governor Okorocha wants to handover to me – Nwosu

Uche Nwosu , the Chief of Staff to Imo State governor , Rochas Okorocha , has revealed why the governor is so interested in having him as the next governor of the state.

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He said the governor wants him to take up from where he will stop because he (Okorocha) desires the best for Imo people.

Fielding questions from Newsmen, Nwosu said whatever is happening about who replaces Okorocha is divine.

Nwosu, who gave a Bible illustration, said, “It is about the person, Uche Nwosu. It is about what the governor thinks is the best for the state . It is about developmental leadership.

“It is about who will move Imo State forward after 2019. Remember that we are one family in the ‘rescue mission government’ of Imo State.

“The deputy governor, Eze Madumere, was the chief of staff when we were at the Rochas Group, while I was the Personal Assistant to the President of the Rochas Group, Rochas Okorocha.

“It’s a story similar to that of the House of Jesse in the Bible. At the Rochas Group, I was the fourth person in ranking.

“Our then General Manager, Rochas Okorocha, is now the governor; the then chief of staff, Eze Madumere, is now the deputy governor; we have Nonye Rajis, who was the Nigerian ambassador to Singapore when Goodluck Jonathan was the President of Nigeria.

“Rajis was the third in rank at the Rochas Group and she became an ambassador . When Rochas Okorocha became governor, his ex- chief of staff became his deputy.

“Just like the house of Jesse in the Bible, David was not the first or even second child; he was the eighth, but out of the sons of Jesse, he who was the least, that is David, was chosen to be the king of Israel.

“What is happening in Imo State about who replaces Okorocha is divine. Even the governor does not know how his choice of who would succeed him came about, but I believe that whatever decision the governor took is divine and it is the grace of God that is working.”



  1. May the GRACE annoint the best of all the contestants, including the DG, you and all other, for the benefit of IMO people and the Glory of GOD. Amen

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