Herdsmen killings: FG can’t reduce Christians to second hand citizens

President of Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev. Dachollom Datiri, has said that the Federal Government can’t reduce Christians in Nigeria to second class citizens following the unabated attacks and killings of innocent persons by herdsmen.

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He said the herdsmen were being shielded by security agents after carrying out deadly attacks that claimed several lives of poor Nigerians in rural villages while people in the defenseless villages were also usually arrested as the aggressors.

Rev. Datiri stated this yesterday during the coronation of Gwom Turu, Da. Ezekiel James Dalyop, held at RCM Primary School Turu, in Vwang District of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

He urged community leaders to join hands with traditional rulers in protecting their subjects against the evil being perpetrated by herdsmen with the sole aim of marginalizing and reducing Christians to second class citizens and refugees in their own land.

“Some Nigerians, particularly Christians have been reduced to second class citizens due to the persistent and unabated killings by herdsmen. This action is unacceptable and the security agencies need to raise their responsibility of protecting the people because they are tired of suffering as the aggressors after being attacked and arrested while the real aggressors, the herdsmen are shielded.”

He called on government at all levels to provide security to all Nigerians without any form of discrimination as the case is with the herdsmen attack on local farmers in the country.

The newly crowned paramount ruler, Da. Ezekiel James Dalyop, said protecting his subjects against internal and external aggressors, provision of good hygiene and enthronement of fairness and justice would be his priority.

“We have launched an environmental sanitation to ensure clean surroundings, personal hygiene and the provision of toilets/latrines in every home. I want to say that this shall continue as a way eliminating diseases and predisposing hazards.

“Youth restiveness, unemployment, drug and substance abuses are ills that we most join hands with the government and non-governmental actors to fight the menace. I want to state clearly that I shall support any policy programme or initiative that would help target the reduction of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and destitution, particularly for widows and orphans.”

Da. Dalyop said he is committed to representing the interest and needs of his people in accordance with the traditions and values of the people and fear God in all his dealings.



  1. No one can reduce christaians to second had citizens, unless christains do
    In light of this, the pastors should first stop the despicable practice of lying to their followers and the act of reducing them to mere religious slaves

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