IK Osakioduwa narrowly escaped being hit by a truck

Nigerian media personality, IK Osakioduwa reportedly escaped a terrible accident by the whisker, while waiting at a stop light in Lagos.

According to IK Osakioduwa who was thankful that everyone involved got out safely, a speeding truck that wasn’t on the verge of slowing down crashed into the car near him, but he got out on time. His tweets reads;

God just saved me from what would have been a terrible accident. While waiting at a stop light I noticed a speeding truck that didn’t seem to be slowing down. Even though the light was red I maneuvered to the front of the car on my right. I got out of the way in time.

Unfortunately, the truck still crashed into the car that was on my left, sending it right across the intersection. It also hit a car that was coming from the opposite side. Thank God for his mercy and protection. I believe everyone walked away with their lives

Big Brother Africa host, Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa, was born on 21 May 1979 in Lagos Nigeria to parents Felicia Oviawe and Brigadier General Samuel Oviawe. He is a father of two and a Nigerian radio and television on air personality best known as “Wild Child”. The 38-years-old voracious presenter has definitely entertained our screens with his great personality, there is no doubt that he has brought charm and charisma to the Nigerian entertainment scene. He is known for his work with Rhythm 93.7 FM, presenter of Big Brother Africa and on MNet’s Studio 53.



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