Shocking story of a Nigerian lawyer, Bode Thomas who died barking like a dog after he insulted the Alaafin of Oyo

Bode Thomas was born to a wealthy trader, John Thomas in 1918.

He attended C.M.S. Grammar School, a missionary school founded by Samuel Ajayi Crowther and later travelled to London to study Law with Remi Fani-Kayode and Chief FRA Williams.

Bode Thomas, FRA William and Remi Fani Kayode founded the first indigenous law practice in Nigeria ‘Thomas, Williams and Kayode’.

The law firm was in Jankara Street and it thrived. His huge frame earned him the appellation “bulldozer”.

And on November 22, 1953, Bode Thomas had a confrontation with the Alaafin of Oyo where he insulted the monarch because he did not stand up to greet him as Chairman of the Oyo divisional

He got home and started barking like a dog endlessly, althrough the night till the following morning when he eventually died.

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  1. Yeah….. Read d story some years back…. He confronted alaafin and insulted him for not standing when he entered and d alaafin said shey emi lon gbomo bahun i.e am i d one ure barking @ like dat….. Dat was how he started bArking till he died.

  2. He also would have faced his creator for judgement long ago. We should respect elders and also elders should not exercise supremacy by putting themselves in the place of God by passing judgement on erring ones.

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