Call me Emir of Iwoland henceforth – Yoruba king drops Oba title

The Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun state, Oba Adbulrasheed Akanbi on Saturday dropped the title of Oba and adopted ‘Emir’, the title of Northern traditional rulers.

Yoruba king drops Oba title, becomes Emir lailasnews

Speaking at the installation and turbarning ceremony of an Islamic scholar, Sheikh Yahquub Abdul-Baaqi Mohammed as first Waziri of Yoruba land, Oba Akanbi said he decided to now bear “Emir of Iwoland” because he wants to emulate the attitude of northern Emirs.

According to him, the monarchs are better behaved than his counterparts from the Southwest.

He lamented that Yoruba Obas are full of “bickering, acrimony and enmities”.

The Oluwo said: “I have decided to officially adopt Emir title today because I want to emulate the attitudes of Northern Emirs. They don’t begrudge themselves like Yoruba Obas.

”It will surprise you to discover that for the past two years, there has not been meeting of Yoruba traditional rulers just because of enmities. There is nothing strange in adopting Emir title. I am the Emir of Yorubaland”.

But the installation of the Waziri was against the warning served on Oluwo by the League of Imams and Alfas in Southwest Nigeria, Edo and Delta States asking him not to install the Waziri.

In a statement, the President, Sheikh Jamiu Kewulere Bello had urged Oba Akanbi to limit the title to Iwoland, not the entire Yorubaland.

“The proposed installation of the said recipient by your Highness as the Waziri of Iwo land is no doubt the result of your avowed commitment to the development of lslam, the lwo Community and Osun State in general.

“However, it is our considered hope that your Highness should as a matter of urgency correct the rumours making the round that the organisers of this event are trying to over blow the ceremony to capture the entire Yorubaland. This is not right.”

But Oba Akanbi on Saturday said: “Iwo has a unique and distinctive traditional history among the entire Yoruba race. And these peculiarities have made Iwo to be at the forefront in Yoruba land.

”The occasion of the installation of Waziri Yorubaland is another great opportunity to create the necessary awareness and promote to the entire world the deep Islamic culture and heritage in Iwo.

“Waziri did not come from Northern part of Hausa tribe but from God. So, there is nothing strange in installing Waziri. Yoruba has forgotten their history. Whoever is criticising me lacks history of Yorubaland”.



  1. If the Iwo peoples installed Emir of Iwo as king .They may keep mute. If not ,Let us wait for their reactions.

  2. ANd so, the Islamic agenda is slowly gaining footing until thei caliphate is established across Nigeria! God will shoot down all of u Islamists wanting to islamize Nigeria in Jesus name!

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