(PHOTOS) See how Covenant University students were penalized today for rocking “bushy hairstyles”

Covenant University students were penalized today for rocking “bushy hairstyles” and Nigerians are making fun of them.

If you have a bae in Covenant University and you see him rocking a hairstyle with the middle part chopped off just know he was punished in school today for rocking a “bushy” and “uncompliant hairstyle”.

The gist according to what LIB gathered is that this morning, the Dean of Student Affairs asked everyone to stay behind after their midweek service and those with “uncompliant hair” were punished.

According to the gist, about 1000 male students suffered from the “one clipper” punishment where the DSA used one clipper to cut all of them right in the middle of the head.



  1. Abegi dis one no be university but glorified secondary school. They used one clipper for about 1000 students!!!!!what about infection? It is wrong

  2. University is the highest education institution anywhere. If you rob the student confidence they will never be useful for their country. This is not a University but an indoctrination centre for the sect called church. This is more than a prison, sad indeed. I will never employ a student of such University into my company.

  3. This pure abuse and gross violation of the student’s dignity
    There is no place for such primitive act in this modern world

  4. This is UTTER NONSENSE FOR A UNIVERSITY!! THE STUDENTS SHOULD SUE THE DEAN .IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES UNI STUDENT ARE ENCOURAGED TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES AND DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS ARE EXPRESSED. IT IS THE HIGHEST INSTITUTION OF LEARNING AND IF YOU TREAT THEM AS SECONDARY SCHOOL PUPILS THEN YOU WILL BE STIFLING THEM AND GRADUATE NOTHING BUT ROBOTS.MY UNIVERSITY ( LO DONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE) HAD NUMEROUS DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST VIPs etc during my time without the authorities resorting to such violations of the person of the students. If however the university has a dress code in addition to what constitutes punishable behaviour and the students have sign on to them, they have to accept the consequences. It is not an environment for development of mental,intellectual and lateral thinking.

  5. ‘University’ = ‘universal’ =’all welcome’ = ‘diversity’. Dis one na Oyedepo Private Indoctrination High School.

  6. People need to understand what private means, its operations are determined by the owners. This is a private university for crying out. let those that what freedom ask their government for a school and stop running after private school owners own have set their standards and rules. if you can not comply you quite.

  7. Is there any rule that says keeping such hairstyle is not allowed? if there is, and 1000 students decided not to keep to the rule, then there is a BIG problem, cos i have to conclude that the school is actually breeding bunch of ‘defiant and rebellious individuals’ it is ‘Lewu’ for the society at large o.

  8. Hmmm this is serious oooo, Notin no fit happen for this country ooo , hope they aren’t using those student hair for something else cos I see nothing bushy in the hair style

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