OAU Sex scandal: “We are critically looking into the issue” – Management

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) Ile-Ife, has finally spoken up on the scandal involving one of its lecturers, Pastor Richard Akindele, who allegedly asked that a student have sex with him in return for marks.

New facts emerge about OAU lecturer enmeshed in sex-for-marks scandal

The disturbing news which went viral yesterday had it that the lecturer asked a female student to have sex with him five times before he can upgrade her marks.

Through its spokesman, Abiodun Olanrewaju, OAU said,

“The university is aware and we are setting up machinery to critically look at the issue to determine the veracity, otherwise there won’t be conclusion.”

The sex scandal began to spread like wildfire through a leaked telephone conversation between the lecturer, a Professor of management and accounting at the Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) Ile-Ife, and a female undergraduate in the same university.

In the leaked audio, the student addressed the other person in the conversation as ‘Prof. Akindele’, several times, and the other person later on in the conversation, protested that she should stop mentioning his name.

From the leaked conversation, it can be deduced that the student had turned down the lecturer’s initial sex demand to upgrade her marks and then, he told her that wanted to have sex with her five times, before the marks upgrade, a deal she later turned down too.

Written below is the audio conversation between the student and the lecturer:

Student: I was really seeing my period Professor Akindele.

Lecturer: Stop mentioning my name. And now nko?

Student: I am not on my period now.

Lecturer: Your boyfriend has done it yesterday?

Student: Is it every time that someone will be doing with the boyfriend? Is it every time you do it with your wife?

Lecturer: Yes

Student: It’s a lie, not possible. So what’s the plan now?

Lecturer: Let’s have the first one today and then we will do another one tomorrow. Is our agreement not five times?

Student: Is it B that you want to give me or C? Why would it be five times you will knack me?

Lecturer: That’s what I will do.

Student: Prof, you know what? Let me fail it. I can’t do it five times. For what nah? No worry. Thank you, sir

Lecturer: You are welcome.



  1. Possible blackmail? Otherwise, what’s the name of the student? Possibly the student offered to do initially for a grade higher than C?

    Hope its just nor to entertain readers? These girls are terrible please.

  2. It is very shameful for a (self acclaimed) Pastor to have involved himself in this mess. The undergraduate girl is smarter than his (Professor) Lecturer by recording the audio conversation.

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