Sex scandal: The devil wants to soil my husband – OAU lecturer’s wife

The wife of OAU lecturer, Professor Richard Akindele the male voice in the leaked sex-for-mark audio which emanated from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife on Monday, has denied the allegations against him, saying the devil is out to tarnish her husband’s reputation.

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The professor who is a clergyman at the Anglican Diocese of Ife, Osun State, was caught in a recorded phone conversation, demanding five rounds of sex from a female student before she can pass his course.

Newsmen had a chat with some of his church members who expressed shock at the development. One of the church members said they went to the professor’s house immediately the news broke on social media and met his wife who blamed the devil.

”When we heard the news, some of us were surprised. We were at his house very early this (Tuesday) morning but only met his wife who said the devil is at work to soil the name of her husband,” he said

A cleric in the church who simply identified himself as Reverend Adeola said:

“Although, the voice I heard is that of Reverend Akindele, I doubt he can do that. I’m not in best position to speak. But what I can say for free is that I know him to be a man of God, generous and easy going.”

Another church member said there will be no need for a computer test on the leaked audio as the voice is definitely that of the professor.

”There is no need for any computer to test the voice. The voice in the leaked audio is exactly that of Reverend Richard Akindele. However, the man is too gentle for such act. The lady purposely set him up.” he said

The Congress of University Academics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile Ife, Osun State have called for investigation of the alleged randy lecturer of the institution who was caught on tape requesting for sex from one of his females students in exchange of marks.



  1. Entrapment by the student, Solicitation and abuse of office by the professor. However how do we know that the professor himself did not set the girl up by playing along? He may have his own tape!!!!!

  2. We all know that lectures are vulnerable to crimes like this tho not all of them.. Wot am saying is that thorough investigation should be carried in order not to point accusing fingers on anybody

  3. Seems the devils have their main base in Africa were foriegn religious has turned so many into daydreamers and superstitious and delusional being

  4. Oga abeg make we hear word,he can do it,infact he’s alwayz doing it 2 other ladies 2 pass dem.

  5. The devil like how? Set up mode activated indeed! I wonder who Ice cream does not melt in his mouth? If you have fallen? take the punishment and learn from it instead of blaming your misdeed on the devil. Madam, pray for your husband to repent and stop bringing reproach to the name of the Lord.

  6. Let’s hope it’s not your husband who is actually courting the devil, madam. Let’s leave the devil out to this because it’s the usual practice of these lecturers. But like the bible told us, every man’s sin will ultimately catch up with him.

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