(Episode 14) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 14) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Adaobi: How is he and is he going to be okay?

Doctor Obiora: He is, you have nothing to worry about.

Adaobi: But what is really wrong with him?

Doctor Obiora: He seems fine, except for the headache you talked about. I have been able to administer some drugs on him,he should be awake soonest. I also took his blood sample for a test.

Adaobi: So you can’t really say what the problem is?

Doctor Obiora: I think it is better we wait for the result to be out first.

Adaobi: Alright and thank you doctor.

Doctor Obiora: It’s no big deal, just give him the drugs when he wakes up.

Adaobi: Alright.


Ayo slept throughout the night and woke up only to find himself naked and in an unfamiliar room he looked again, searched the house with his eyes and saw that he was in Adaobi’s house. He quickly stood up, went to the sitting room and met her still sleeping on the cushion. He was confused as to how he got there and went to her.

Ayo: Ada! Ada! He tapped her gently and she stirred for she was really tired ‘Ada! Wake up please’.

Adaobi: quickly stood up and looked at him ‘Are you okay Ayo, is your head still aching you? Let me get you your drugs.

Ayo: What drugs and what am I doing here?

Adaobi: I should be the one asking you that question Ayo, what happened to you?

Ayo: What do you mean what happened to me?

Adaobi: Can’t you remember what happened yesterday?

Ayo: ‘What happened yesterday? What happened yesterday’ he said out loud ‘I remember gisting and chatting with Kehinde while eating the food she said my mother asked her to give me….thats all.

Adaobi: Is that all you remember?

Ayo: I remember telling her that I want to go home and she should please help me get my car that is three block away from my building.

Adaobi: You didn’t remember telling any cab man to bring you here, or entering a cab?

Ayo: No, is that how I got here?

Adaobi: Yes and you were so messed up. If not that I found you yesterday outside the house with the cab man, while you were unconscious, I wonder what would have happened. But what really happened?

Ayo: I don’t know, I only ate the food Kehinde brought to me.

Adaobi: Who is Kehinde sef?

Ayo:  The lady Mami wants me to marry.

Adaobi: Wow! And I wasn’t aware?

Ayo: it’s nothing, we are just friends.

Adaobi: A friend that brought you food to your office is not just a friend.

Ayo: Mami sent her.

Adaobi: it’s obvious she likes her for a daughter in-law.

Ayo: Don’t start.

Adaobi: I am not starting anything other the fact that you should have gone to Kemi’s house instead of my house.

Ayo: I said we are not having anything serious going between us.

Adaobi: Okay, but what really happened?

Ayo: I don’t know, it beats my imagination.

Adaobi: Were you drugged?

Ayo: I have no idea and I don’t think so.

Adaobi: Okay, we will find out soon.

Ayo: what do you mean?

Adaobi: Because a doctor attended to you and your blood sample was taken.

Ayo: When will the result be out?

Adaobi: it should be out soon.

Ayo: alright, it’s still early, let’s go in and catch some sleep.

Adaobi: are you sure you are okay?

Ayo: I am fine, just a little headache.

Adaobi: Arent you hungry?

Ayo: I am okay, let’s go to bed.

Adaobi: I can’t.

Ayo: Why?

Adaobi: Because you are not feeling too well and I don’t trust myself around you.

Ayo: Hahahahaah I am fine, let’s go to bed.

Adaobi: I said no.

Ayo: Why are you refusing me when you have never refused me before?

Adaobi: I don’t want us to do anything stupid based on what is happening to us lately.

Ayo: Lets go to bed and I promise you that we won’t be stupid.

Question: Hmmm… Don’t you think this Story should have Season 2 to zoom in and enjoy it better?

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  1. Waiting for the test result to be out. Kehinde is in trouble am sure. Adaobi, mAyo is ur man and nobody can change that.

  2. Waooo I hope is not what am thinking oooo,Adaobi will b d one to get pregnant for Ayo and not Kehinde. Kehinde you and ur MIL plans will definitely failed. ALC d episodes r just to short, just wen one relax to enjoy d story, d next thing is stay tuned for next episode

  3. Hmmmmm let’s go there Adaobi go carry belle and Mammi won’t be able to stop this love, I believe there might still be obstacles on the way, at least Are will know Kehindes mission when the results of the test will come out.

  4. Something may happen that may lead to something else, can’t wait for the result that will expose kahinde. Am not even sure it was Ayo’s mum that gave her the food or she might be the one but she couldn’t have drugged her own son

  5. Yes….. It should… Adaobi and Ayo will definitely have sex and dhe will get pregnant for him…. Loobaatan,shebi mami already said Ayo can’t give birth to a child outside wedlock?…. Hhenhen.

  6. Hmmmmm this is becoming interesting, season 2 is highly welcome but it shouldn’t be long before u release it o Adelove

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