This police officer was caught on camera collecting N100 bribe

A police officer identified as Supo Syril has gone viral on social media after he was caught on camera accepting N100 bribe from a motorist.

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According to reports, the officer has been serially harassing motorists in Abia state, demanding for bribes. So a motorist made sure to take pictures of him accepting two N50 notes from a motorist in broad daylight.

The incident happened in Obingwa, Abia State. Supo Syril boldly collected the bribe like it was his birth-right or salary.

One Hallmark Chibuzor Paul shared the photos on social media with the caption,

“Supo Syril from Ohuru Isi Miri police station, Obingwa – Abia State at it again. This man and his counterpart called Chidimma have been extorting motorists on that road with a threat that no one will do anything”

Really, it can be so sad and frustrating when you embark on a journey and within the space of about 5-10km there are about 3-4 police checkpoints with policemen waiting to collect bribe from the bus driver, otherwise the driver will be ordered down from the bus.



  1. Nah 2day?….. Even on my street, i saw dem every morning extorting money from motorist and keke maruwa driver….. And u must give dem……. Police are just too corrupt.

  2. They are everywhere. Even in front of their offices they do it. At 7day road ,Jocey B & Old NTC iyaganku GRA Ibadan they are there To different time of the day. Their Area commander & The DPO knows. Naija Police? Forget

  3. This photographic evidence is not enough. He may say he bought something from the street and collecting his change

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