(Episode 17) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 17) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Ayo: Listen, I know you and my mother do not get along but that does not give you the liberty to treat her the way and manner you like. Treat her just the way you will treat your mother and not the way  your treat  slave.

Adaobi: But sweetheart…..

Ayo: Stop please! You have no excuse for what you did and please don’t do it again for I won’t take it from you if you treat her badly.

Adaobi: it’s obvious you don’t want to listen to what I have to say.

Ayo: There is nothing there for me to listen to. I have seen the way my mother treats you and my son, it is enough for me to say that she loves you, just go out there and apologise to her.

Adaobi: alright she said for peace to reign and went to apologise to Mami who was acting all up ‘Mami, I am sorry if I have offended or wronged you in anyway, please forgive me’.

Mami: if my son had not told you to come to me and apologise, so you wouldn’t have done that?

Adaobi: ‘Mami, I am sorry again’ she said trying to control her anger.

Mami: ‘From now on, if you want to live in peace in this house, you better do as I say’ she commanded ‘You are forgiven, you can go now’.

Adaobi: Looked at the woman whom she thought she was beginning to love as a mother, shook her head and went to attend to her son. She didn’t bother to tell her husband that she was the one that prepared the dinner he ate ‘seems Mami will lie to achieve her goal’ she said to herself.

The following day, as Adaobi was busy preparing Lunch for the family, a knock was heard at the door and she went to check who the person was.

Adoabi: When she opened the door, she saw Kemi smiling at her with her luggage ‘Hi Kemi’ she said and hugged her ‘please come in’.

Kemi: ‘Good day Adaobi and hey Mami’ she said as she went to her.

Mami: How are you my daughter?

Kemi: I am fine Mami and the house is so boring without you, I thought it will be nice to come and spend some time with you people here.

Adaobi: Errrm, sorry to interrupt you Kemi but why didn’t you call that you were coming?

Mami: What do you mean why didn’t she call?

Adaobi: Mami, I am sorry but I thought she is supposed to call if she is coming to my house? Look at her luggage she said as she pointed to them ‘she is coming to stay here for a very long time.

Mami: And so, what if she is staying here for a long time? Isn’t this house my son’s and her brother’s house?

Adaobi: But Mami, it is my house too. If any of my family members were to visit, they will have to let me know not just barge into my home like that.

Mami: That is your family and not us. There is a difference between us and them for this is my son’s house.

Adaobi: Mami please…..

Mami: Don’t Mami me please, she is here already and there is nothing you can do abut it.

Adaobi: Okay but Kemi, next time when you are coming to my house, do let us know before time.

Mami: ‘Adaobi you must be very stupid for uttering such nonsence to her in my presence’ she said as Adaobi looked at her again and walked away leaving mother and child in the sitting room.

Kemi: Mami! It seems the tension in this house is too much because I can feel it.

Mami: Don’t mind that stupid girl, she is trying to lord over me. Go to our room and freshen up while I ask Adaobi to get food ready for you to eat.

Kemi: ‘Yes Mami’ she said and went to her room.

Adaobi served Mami and Kemi their meal and after they finished eating, Mami called Adaobi to come clean the table and wash the dishes.

Adaobi: ‘Mami, I can believe you called me here to clear this place’ she said feeling perplexed.

Mami: and what is wrong with that?

Adaobi: Because I can’t and will not do it while Kemi is here.

Kemi: Adaobi, I do not like the way and manner you talk to my mother.

Mami: I am happy that you are seeing that for yourself my daughter,that is how she has been talking to me ever since I came to this house.

Adaobi: ‘When you are done with whatever you are doing, Kemi clear the place and wash my dishes’ she said and was about to walk away again when Kemi stopped her.

Kemi: ‘Adaobi’ she called out ‘you don’t dare walk away from my mother’.

Adaobi: ‘Kemi, this is my house and my home, I will not allow Mami rule over me here. If you or Mami are looking for who to lord over, not in my own house. I can’t be scared of you or anyone in my own house na, it is not done and never done’ she said as she looked at them boldly.

Mami: So you have the nerve to walk away the first time and want to do it again abi?

Adaobi: Mami, I don’t want to talk or say anything about you or anyone to my husband but all these things you have been doing to me lately has to stop.

Mami: ‘How dare you’ she slapped her ‘how dare you talk to me that way.

Adaobi: ‘Mami you slapped me’ she said touching her cheek

Mami: ‘and what will you do? What will you do’ she asked standing firmly and looking straight into her eyes.

Adaobi: if not because you are my mother God knows that I would have retaliated but I am respecting you and this should be the last time you lay your hands on me.

Kemi: Are you threatening her?

Adaobi: turning to Kemi said ‘Kemi, I can tolerate your mother doing anything to me, I won’t complain but I won’t tolerate anyone or anybody laying his or her hands on me not even if the person is family, I won’t. Turning to Mami again ‘this should be the last time you lay your hands on me for there won’t be a second time else…..

Mami: Else what? No! Complete your statement.

Adaobi: ‘I won’t say anything again until you try this stupid act of yours again then you will know what will happen’ she said and walked away.

Mami: ‘Shame on you! You were nothing when my son brought you into this house oooo, you were nothing when he married you and now you want me to worship and bow down for you, it won’t happen Adaobi and there is nothing you will do to me. You see this house, it will not contain me and you from now on; did you hear me, it won’t contain both of us and I will make sure of it. Stupid igbo girl’ she said.

Kemi: But Mami, did you have to slap her? That was too extreme.

Mami: Didn’t you see the way she was talking to me? She does not have respect or regard me as her mother in law and I will deal with her.

Question: O ga oo! Are you feeling the heat? Somebori should please put ON the AC biko!

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  1. That’s really harsh of mami n I despised her for d act. Ayo, u weldone o, sebi u don’t know d kind of girl married again that she won’t do such thing.

  2. Hmmmmmmm nawa ooo,Adaobi should not dull hersef ooo,nd i pray Ayo returns 2 see wat his Mom is doing 2 his wife.

  3. Adelove please end this story, I can’t continue reading without doing anything to help Adaobi. Adaobi is really a good girl and the funny part is that kemi knows that what her mum is doing is not good but yet won’t stop it

  4. Adapting I’m happy you did not fall your hands, I just hope Ayo will not be influenced by the mother, cause I’m so shocked he did not give Assisi an opportunity to explain herself

  5. This is getting more heated o…ada, i pity u o…if am d1, i will look 4a means 2instal CCTV all over d house, nd allow her 2display all her nonsense den show it 2my husband.

  6. Hmmmmm, kemi should have called before barging into the house. Its courtesy. Mami on the other hand is a wicked mom in law. Why put on that crazy act in your son’s house? What message is she trying to pass across? Nemesis will catch up on her. Thank God she has a daughter.
    Upload the next episodes pls.this suspense is killing.

  7. I think it’s high time adaobi leave the house for good because her health and the life of her son is in danger. separation is best thing to do for now until ayo will make his final decision on who he want in home. after all adaobi foresee this before the marriage.

  8. What u can’t tolerate in future don’t even let it continue, I like Adaobi’s courage, let her stand on her words.

  9. Mami is making adaobi loose respect for lying to her husband adaobi should just take things easy she should sit her husband down and narrate the whole thing to him

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