(Video) Nigerians in London stage pro-Buhari rally in front of Abuja house

Lauretta Onochie shared the video of the Nigerians shouting ”Sai Baba Buhari” outside the Abuja house in London where President Buhari is currently residing as he observes his annual leave. The rally comes few days after an anti-Buhari group staged a protest also in front of the House rejecting his bid to seek re-election.

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  1. They will be quick enough to broadcast this very one Buh what happens to the latter???
    Is this group of protesters also sponsored by corrupt elements who looted the treasury that re based in diaspora.. In order to distract PMB from performing the function that brought him to UK?

  2. Lauretta I am really shocked about this your post and disappointed. How does this post bring food to Nigerians. How those it bring employment to unemployed youths and also made millions of youths who have lost their jobs get it back. How those this post bring back those fathers, mothers and children who have butchered by bokoharam and herdsmen, how those it address infrastructure road, hospitals that have turned to were people die from little illness, schools etc. How have this post addressed the economy of the country. What are you teaching we your children and youngers onces who look up to you as a mother and mentor. Lauretta you have failed as a mother, a politician and as a human being.
    Pls if you don’t have something meaningful to post just keep quiet.

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