Beware: Do not upgrade your Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold!

Very recently, some WhatsApp users received an invitation to upgrade their WhatsApp application to a new “limited edition” version called “WhatsApp Gold”.

Scam alert Do not upgrade your Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold lailasnews

Just incase you are one of those who got an invite, please it is a scam and you are advised not to follow the link in the invitation and download the version.

If you haven’t gotten the invite yet, please be on the look out. When you get it, continue reading below to know how to respond!

According to some WhatsApp users that received the invitation to upgrade to the WhatsApp Gold, they were told to upgrade their WhatsApp to a new premium version that is used only by “big celebrities”.

The WhatsApp Gold is alleged to offer premium packages to users of the app such as video chats, ability to send more that 100 pictures at once and delete messages after they have been sent.

This is false as users of WhatsApp who clicked on the link to install this version claimed that the link instead took them to virus infested sites that affected their smartphones softwares.

People who received the invitation are advised to delete the message immediately and install antivirus software downloaded directly from the Google Play Store to rid their phones of any virus. The link also contains malware which can be used to steal personal information from visitors.

According to WhatsApp, the link in the site can disclose private data “to third person parties without your knowledge or authorisation”.

WhatsApp has advised its users who have downloaded this version to uninstall it immediately and automatically stopped their real WhatsApp from working for 24 hours to make sure users’ information is safe.



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