(Episode 21) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 21) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Papa: If that’s your decision then I am okay with it.

After her stay in the village with her family, Adaobi returned to her home accompanied by chidi.

Mami: ‘Welcome’ she said as she opened the door for her

Adaobi: Thank you Mami and how have you been?

Mami: As you can see, we are doing okay.

Chidi: Good day Ma.

Adaobi: Mami chidi, call her Mami for that is how we address her here.

Chidi: Good day Mami.

Mami: Good day My son and how is my grandchild doing?

Adaobi: ‘He is doing okay’ she said as he handed Kunle to her. Why is the house looking so unkept Mami?

Mami: What do you mean?

Adaobi: Everywhere is so dusty, where is Kemi?

Mami: she just went to see her friends who came to pay her a visit, off.

Adaobi: Alright. Ermmm Mami, My brother chidi will be staying with us from now on.

Mami: Really, since when did you start making such decisions?

Adaobi: I don’t understand Mami, what do you mean since when did I start making such decisions?

Mami: I am sorry, its just that I am very curious because when Kemi came to stay with us you told her to have informed you and now your brother is here, did you inform your husband before bringing him here?

Adaobi: Yes Mami because this is my home and I believe my husband won’t have a problem with it.

Mami: Okay ooooo, just asking anyway. Few minutes later, Kemi entered and on seeing Adaobi, she quickly went to the kitchen.

Adaobi: Seeing that Kemi greeted her and dashed to the kitchen went after her and what she saw made her very angry. Dirty unwashed plates that have stayed for days and the kitchen was messed up real bad, coupled with the bad smell coming from the spoilt food they left in the pot ‘Kemi, what is happeneing here and why is my kitchen so unkept, why is this house in a mess?

Kemi: Errmmm, I am sorry, I was about to clean the house this morning when my friends came visiting.

Adaobi: Knowing that her husband travelled few days ago for he called and informed her of the business meeting he will be attending stating that Kemi and Mami will take care of the house was furious at how her home has turned out without she or her husband around ‘so because I and your brother has not been around that is why you decided to turn my house into that of a pig, aren’t you ashamed of yourself that as big as you are, you cant take care or even clean the house while the owners are away’?

Kemi: ‘Ermmm…..i will get on with it right away’ she said as she started washing the dirty dishes.

Adaobi: Left Kemi and went to confront Mami ‘Haba Mami, it hasn’t been  up to one week my husband went for a business trip yet this house is in a mess, couldn’t you at least talk  to your daughter to clean it up after every meal? Look at how messing my sitting room and the whole house is and yet you all are comfortable in it’.

Mami: What do you want me to say Adaobi? What do you want me to say, it is your house and now that you are back, you should go ahead and put everything together.

Adaobi: shook her heads and said to Chidi ‘Chidi, come with Kunle let me show you to your room while I get the whole place clean again’ and Chidi followed her big sister who showed him where he will be staying.

Chidi: Sister Adaobi, I told you that Yoruba people are dirty people didn’t i?

Adaobi: Hahahahaha. ‘I remember you did and you better not say it for them to hear, else you will be in trouble’ she said as she unpacked his belongings.

Chidi: Wow…Sister Adaobi, your house is really big and beautiful and I have this room all to myself.

Adaobi: Yes you have this room all to yourself, Why don’t you lay Kunle on the bed while you freshen up and keep an eye on his while I go get busy. I do not like the way my house is.

Chidi: Okay sister but then I wanted to ask, are you sure Papa will be okay alone in that house, you know Chigozie hardly comes around and even if he did, it is once in a while that he comes around. How is Papa going to cope?

Adaobi: That is not a problem because I already paid for someone who will be cooking and taking care of Papa and the house while you are gone. All I need to do is pay the person monthly.

Chidi: Is Papa okay with that?

Adaobi: Yes he is since he refused coming to come and live with me for she had once asked him to come and live with her but he bluntly refused the offer.


Four days later, Ayo returned from his trip  and met Chidi in the house for he wasn’t aware that he will be coming.

Chidi: ‘Good day sir and welcome back’ he said feeling a little bit uncomfortable for he hasn’t seen him except the time he came to pay her bride price and on another occasion which he cant remember at the moment.

Ayo: Good day to you Chidi and how is everyone at home including Mr Emenike your Uncle? He asked as soon as he greeted his mother and replied Kemi’s greeting.

Chidi: They are all fine.

Ayo: Good and welcome to my house.

Chidi: Yes sir and thank you sir.

Adaobi: Hello Honey, Welcome home. I have missed you so much.

Ayo: ‘Same here’ he hugged her ‘how was your trip and where is our son?

Adaobi: He is in his room and my trip was wonderful.

Ayo: How is Papa doing?

Adaobi: He is fine and sends his regards.

Ayo: ‘Okay’ and the couples went to their room holding each other’s hands and smiling.

Later in the evening while Adaobi and Ayo were about to go to bed, Adaobi told Ayo about Chidi.

Adaobi: Sweetheart, my brother will be staying with us for the mean time and I want to enroll him for an extra moral lesson till Jamb comes out.

Ayo: Really! That’s okay by me,Which do you have in mind?

Question: Do you think Adaobi took the right step as per Chidi level?

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  1. The husband needed to have been informed earlier about Chidi coming to live with them. All same, he is around already, and Ayo isn’t objecting about his stay, so i think all is cool. Next episode don Allah…

  2. I’m happy she has an understanding husband but it’s always better to discuss issues with your spouse before taking some decision

  3. She took d right decision but because d husband is understanding dat does not mean she will do things before informing her hubby. He might not complain now but what about later. I just hope everything goes well for her.

  4. yes, she took d right step, i could remember in episode 19, she made mentioned of her brother coming to spend sometime with them, when she was discussing about her travelling to d village with Ayo

  5. year but she supposed to have tell the husband first cos she only told him that his coming to spend sometime with them not staying permanently

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