(Episode 22) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 22) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Adaobi: None at the moment but I will have to look for.

Ayo: Fine by me.

Adaobi: I want him to be leaving with us until God knows when.

Ayo: ‘Okay’ he said as he searched her face for she was tensed while saying it ‘is something the matter?

Adaobi: No not that. I mean; I hope it won’t be a problem since Mami and Kemi are here already and my brother has come to join them.

Ayo: I don’t see anything wrong with it; afterall we are all family aren’t we?

Adaobi: ‘Yes we are’ she said and laid her head on his shoulder.


Few days later, Mami told Adaobi that she would like to have a word with her.

Mami: ‘Adaobi, I would like to have a word with you please’ she said as soon as she was done attending to her son.

Adaobi: Mami hope no problem?

Mami: No! no problem it’s just that I am curious about something.

Adaobi: What is it Mami.

Mami: Don’t you think it will be wise for your brother to go and live with your father since he is the only one at home.

Adaobi: No I don’t Mami and why would you suggest that when staying here is also going to help him?

Mami: Nothing oooo, its just that it wont be nice if the next person that comes to live with us is your brother or father and then this house, my son’s house will turn to your family house.

Adaobi: How can you say such a thing about us?

Mami: What did I say, I am only stating the fact.

Adaobi: But you have no problem in you and your daughter staying in this house abi?

Mami: No I don’t. Isn’t it my son’s house?

Adaobi: Well it is and it happens to be that your son is no longer a single but a married man and your son and his wife makes the decision here not you.

Mami: I don’t want you to  bring your family members here to come and be staying full time Adaobi or do you think that I don’t know with time, another of your family will be here.

Adaobi: Well, what can I do if you see it that way Mami but you should also know that you and your daughter are here and if I don’t have a problem with it, you shouldn’t have a problem with mine and Yes Mami, very soon, I will be bringing my father here to live permanently just the way you are.

Mami: You will do no such thing.

Adaobi: Watch me Mami, I have never complained about you here and you shouldn’t complain about my family for I will not have it.

Mami: This house you are taking so much pride in; like you built it, is my son’s house and I knew how he tried all he could to be where he is today for I will not allow you bring your family here to reap where you have not sown.

Adaobi: ‘Okay Mami  I have heard and I will not batter words with you but you should also know that this house became my house too the day I said I do in court to your son’ she said smiling.

Mami: We shall see then for she was surprised at the boldness and attitude of Adaobi. She never taught that for a million years, Adaobi will stand up to her the way she is doing and decided to use another strategy in making sure that she wont have her way this time.

Adaobi: on her own part looked at the woman who she tried so much to put up with everyday in her house and vowed that never again will she make her uncomfortable in her house. For this house is her house and Mami will never again dictate to her what and what not to do ‘Fine, if that is how you want it, so be it’ she said and went to her room.


Mami: My son, I want to talk to you.

Ayo: Ha! Mami I just came back from work and I haven’t even gone to freshen up yet, cant it wait.

Mami: Ayo it can’t wait, I want to talk to you now.

Ayo: Did you and my wife have a fight again?

Mami: No Ayo, it is not that, I just want to talk to you for something has been bothering me.

Ayo: Okay Mami and where is my wife?

Mami: She should be in her room sleeping or attending to Kunle, I don’t know but she is inside.

Ayo: Okay, what is it and hope it is not about her again?

Mami: No it is not. I want to ask you a very important question Ayo.

Ayo: What is it Mami?

Mami: Do you really love me as a mother?

Ayo: Of course I do and how can you ask me such a question?

Mami: Because I am not seeing it from you ever since you married your wife.

Ayo: Mami, I love you and I love my wife, I can’t trade you both for anyone or anything in the world.

Mami: Your only saying it I am sure because if it is true, shouldn’t you tell me things in this house?

Ayo: What do you mean?

Mami: How come you never told me that you are making arrangement to bring your wife’s father to come and live with us and before you know it, this place will turn to a family home, her family.

Ayo: Ermm Mami, bring who again?

Mami: Adaobi’s father.

Ayo: Who told you that?

Mami: Your wife did and you never bothered to tell me, is that how you treat your mother?

Ayo: I think there must be a misunderstanding.

Mami: I don’t think so because I heard your wife very well when she said it.

Ayo: Mami, my wife has never said anything concerning that to me.

Mami: Did she tell you that she was going to bring her brother when she was going to the village to see her people? How much did you even give her when she left to the village?  You tell your wife all that you do and she doesn’t tell you any of her plans until she has done what is in her mind.

Ayo: Mami wait first, what do you mean, what are you trying to say?

Mami: I said I think you give your wife too much liberty, before you got married, I did warn you about her type of people didn’t i? I told you that she would bring all her people to stay in this house and before you know it, you will be spending more than necessary on them. Is that not happening already?

Question: Mami, the table you are shaking! LOL

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  1. The table Mami is shaking has adaobi family on it…… lmao… how is dat her business? must Ayo tell her everything his wife discusses with him?….. i already said mami should go back to her house and relax.

  2. Mbok which kin mother in-law b ds? Can’t she just leave Adaobi in peace? Chai! Mama shud go to her husband house and leave d young couple alone. Adaobi will surely give her d drug dt will cure her wickedness cry soon. so annoying. Gud work Adelove, kip it up

  3. Mbok which kin mother in-law b ds? Can’t she just leave Adaobi in peace? Chai! Mama shud go to her husband house and leave d young couple alone. Adaobi will surely give her d drug dt will cure her wickedness very soon. so annoying. Gud work Adelove, kip it up

  4. This woman is becoming unbearable, I even thought she came to look after kunle. Ayo u really need to have an understanding with ur wife that’s y is not good to leave with mother in-law

    • Hmmm! Are u saying this from experience? If yes, No comment. If no, I want u to know that not all mother inlaws are like that

  5. Hmmm! Dis mami is something else o,can’t she just give Adaobi breathing space in her own house again. Mami pls cum and start going n leave d young couple alone to enjoy their marriage, biko… .

  6. Am sure diz time,Adaobi will retaliate.
    Itz better mami goes back home with kemi her daughter,if not,she will get wat she didn’t bargain 4.

  7. That is how those mother-in-laws do. They will Neva live U to enjoy ur husband, they always wants to be involved in everything. Thank God Ayo is a very good and understanding husband. Mami will Use her hands to destroy herself.

  8. Nawa for this mammi o, the man in question is not even ready to come leave with them. Mamma should thank God uncle Emenike is not Adaobis father, she for hear am

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