(Episode 23) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 23) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Ayo: Mami I know my wife so well and i know that she is not one of those women you think she is, just try and understand her please.

Mami: You are not understanding me abi? I said your wife will extort you and use all your money for her family members. Very soon, she will bring her father and the rest members into this house. You better listen to all I say for your own good.

Ayo: ‘Mami I have heard and I will do as you say’ he said and left the sitting room. When he got to his room, he met Adaobi who was all tears, he rushed to her and asked ‘what is wrong and why are you crying?

Adaobi: Sweetheart, My father has been hospitalized.

Ayo: How and why? What happened to him and since when?

Adaobi: This morning sweetheart, My uncle called me that my father was seen unconscious in his room since they tired waking him up which was so unusual and he was rushed to the hospital where they are attending to him at the moment. It seems that I will have to go and be by his side.

Ayo: Thinking about what his mother just told him said ‘there is no point for you to go there now since it is already late and the helper who is to take care of things while you’re away, is she still there?

Adaobi: Yes she is still there and my brother is also with them in the hospital.

Ayo: Your Uncle, Brother and the helper are still with him, there is nothing you can do except pray on his behalf and let the doctors do their job.

Adaobi: But sweetheart, I am very sure my father will need me by his side, it is better that I go and stay with him.

Ayo: There is no point darling, Chigozie and his brother are there and if they need any food or anything, the helper will take care of that. You will do nothing when you go there, its best you stay here and be calling them from time to time.

Adaobi: I am his daughter Ayo, no daughter will be happy staying far from his father while he is ill and even if I stay here, I will not be myself for I do not want anything to happen to him.

Ayo: Nothing will happen to him, he will pull through, you do not need to worry and besides, Kunle and I need you here.

Adaobi: Looking at him with tear filled eyes said ‘Okay, I will do as you have said’.

Ayo: Good and tomorrow, I will write a check of 500,000 naira that you will send to them for his treatment.

Adaobi: Thanks Sweetheart, I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Ayo: ‘That’s what family is for and besides, he is my father too’ he said smiling.


The following morning, as Ayo was about to go to work, Mami came to him.

Mami: Errmm Ayo, is everything alright because I haven’t seen Adaobi leaving her room.

Ayo: Yes Mami, everything is alright except that my wife told me last night that her father has been admitted in the hospital and she has been worried sick since then. She hasn’t been herself.

Mami: Really! Did you call to confirm if it is true?

Ayo: Yes Mami, I did call and confirm the news and it is true. When I called Yesterday and early hours of this morning, they said they are still in the hospital and they needed some cash.

Mami: Who did you talk to?

Ayo: I spoke to chigozie my wife’s brother and their Uncle, Mr Emenike.

Mami: Are you sure that the man is really sick?

Ayo: Mami please don’t start, I thought I told you that he is admitted.

Mami: Okay, fine. How much do they need?

Ayo: They didn’t really state the amount but I wrote a cheque of 500,00 naira for my wife to send to them.

Mami: 500 What?

Ayo: 500,000 naira and why are you shouting?

Mami: Why won’t I shout Ayo, why won’t I shout? 500,000 naira for ordinary Malaria, have you gone mad?

Ayo: Mami please, I do not have time for this your talk this morning.

Mami: how would you have the time when they have given you igbo witch to chop? How will you have the time?

Ayo: Mami please, don’t start.

Mami: Will you shut up and listen to me. Since I came here, have you given me up to 300,000 naira not to talk of  500,000 naira?

Ayo: Mami, this one is health matter and he is my wife’s father.

Mami: and I am your mother, have you given us such an amount even when we were ill?

Ayo: Mami, you are always with me here and I look after you but she doesn’t have her father always with her.

Mami: and so, is that why you want to run dry because of them?

Ayo: I am not complaining Mami.

Mami: and I am. I wonder how much she will ask next time when you have given her so much amount already.

Ayo: Let me worry about that Mami please and stop already.

Mami: Be here and be doing osho free, She will soon ask for another money and before you know it, all her family members will come here and be living. They will eat your money and suck you dry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ohhh. Use your tongue and count your teeth while you still can.

Ayo: ‘I have heard Mami’ he said, entered his car and drove off.


Adaobi: ‘Hello Chigozie, how is Papa’ she asked as soon as he picked the call.

Chigozie: Papa is sleeping now.

Adaobi: Have they found out what is really wrong with him?

Chigozie: No sister Adaobi, they are still running some test.

Adaobi: Okay, am about to go to the bank to deposit some money into your bank account for his treatment.

Chigozie: Okay sister. I will be expecting the money then.

Adaobi: How is Papa health, is he okay, can he talk, walk, sit or stand? Do you think this thing has anything to do with his diabetes?

Chigozie: I don’t know sister, I can’t really tell until the doctor tells us what is wrong. When are you coming?

Adaobi: Ermm I don’t know for now, I will be calling you from time to time. Is Uncle Emenike there?

Chigozie: Yes.

Adaobi: Give him the phone and let me talk to him then ‘Hello Uncle, good morning’.

Emenike: Where is the money for there is nothing good about the morning if we don’t have it.

Question: What’s about happening inside Ayo’s home? Hmm…

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  2. The mistake Ayo made is by telling mama d exact mine given to Ad, he should v know she won’t b happy wit it since d two are enemies. Its getting more complicated in d house.

  3. Ayo shldnt have told d mother d exact amount given to his father in law treatment since he knows hw things re with the two of them. Mami don get word to talk ni o

  4. This Ayo is just too weak..Are they really sure d man is sick abi the uncle wants to collect money from Ada.

  5. it Emenike and Chigozie are lying to collect money from Ada,AY u dey fall my hand oooo y u go tell Mami the exact money u gave Ada

  6. Ayo y must u tell mami d exact amount u gave ur wife its really non of her business na…As for Uncle Emenike he s just so annoying

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