(Episode 24) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 24) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Adaobi: Uncle, I am on my way to the bank as I am speaking with you to deposit the money in Chigozie’s account.

Emenike: and what is wrong with Depositing the money in my own account? Do you know that I have been here since last night waiting and hoping for my brother to be treated and get better.

Adaobi: I was thinking it’s okay to send the money to his account and you can collect it from him from time to time.

Emenike: Bia Adaobi, are you trying to insult my personality here, your father, my brother is my responsibility and my concern. What do you mean you will send the money to chigozie a child and I will be collecting it when I need it?

Adaobi: ‘I am sorry Uncle; I didn’t mean to sound in a rude way. I will send the money to you immediately, just send me your account details’ she said and hung up the call.


Mami: Adaobi! Adaobi come now for I want to talk to you.

Adaobi: Good morning Mami.

Mami: Eh! Eh! Don’t Mami me, so you and your people have decided to suck my child dry abi?

Adaobi: What do you mean Mami and who is sucking who dry?

Mami: You and your entire family members have decided to suck my son dry abi?

Adaobi: Mami, please I am not ready for your drama this morning.

Mami: Will you shut up your mouth, so you think I don’t know that my son gave you 500,000 naira for ordinary malaria treatment abi?

Adaobi: Mami it is not for Malaria treatment and what is wrong with my husband giving me some money?

Mami: Everything is wrong with it Adaobi, everything. After this money he has given you, who knows how much he will give to you the next time.

Adaobi: There won’t be a next time Mami, I pray there won’t be.

Mami: And then you bring all your family members to come and live here?

Adaobi: Mami, you have your son with you always and I do not have my father with me here always, why do you hate my family so much?

Mami: ‘Because you and your people are going to be his downfall and I won’t let that happen even if it is the last thing I do on this earth’ she said and walked away.


Ayo: What is going on here and whose bag are packed?

Adaobi: they are mine sweetheart, I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning to go and see my father and probably stay there for a couple of days.

Ayo: Really! And have you asked if I am okay with that decision you made?

Adaobi: He is my father Ayo, not some stranger.

Ayo: I know and I thought I gave you some money today for his treatment.

Adaobi: this isn’t about money, my father needs me with him and I am going to him tomorrow.

Ayo: I know he is your father and you have people to take care of him over there, why don’t you relax yourself and be patient?

Adaobi: There is no one or anybody that can take care of my father better than I do. Ayo, what is wrong with you and why are you so adamant on me not going to see my sick father?

Ayo: I know he is your father and I  know that you love him so much but I don’t see any reason why you should go there tomorrow or anytime soon.

Adaobi: Why are you saying this?

Ayo: Live your father alone for he has people that will take care of him, you are not his only child.

Adaobi: I can’t believe you just said that to my face Ayo, what has come over you?

Ayo: Because you have a new family. I and our child should be your main priority not your father.

Adaobi: Ayo, my father is sick and this could be his last moment on earth, let me go and see him please.

Ayo: ‘You have a new family here and you should concentrate on us. After all, when I payed your bride price, I paid it in full’ he said and stormed out of the room leaving Adaobi Speechless.


Adaobi: ‘Mami please tell your son to let me go and see my father’ she said as she begged her on her knees.

Mami: Oh! After challenging and blabbing your mouth, you now need my help abi?

Adaobi: Mami please! It is only you that can talk to him for me and I really do not know why he doesn’t want me to go and visit the man who took care of me and made me what I am today.

Mami: I dont have anything to say to you Adaobi  or whatever you call yourself, your tears will not move me to go and beg your husband to allow you visit your father for any reason.

Adaobi: Mami please, he is my father and what have you said to him for him to be this stubborn towards my plea with him?

Mami: Now you will know that I am his mother and he will listen to whatever I have to say.

Adaobi: Mami please I beg, punish me for anything but don’t involve my family to it, they are innocent.

Mami: you see Adaobi, I never liked you from day one for my son but you went ahead and got married to him , to top it all up, you even have the guts to get pregnant for him. As long as I am in this house, I will make sure that you never know no peace. This tears in your eyes is just the beginning of what I have in mind for you; I will make you suffer Adaobi, I will make you suffer.

Adaobi: Mami please, I will do whatever you want just allow me go to my father please.

Mami: Wo! He has spoken and I am in support of his decision.


The following morning, as Ayo was about to live for work, Adaobi stopped him by the door side.

Adaobi: If anything happens to my father Ayo, I will never forgive you.

Ayo: nothing will happen to him.

Adaobi: I need some money.

Ayo: I thought I just gave you some money for your family, how come you want more money?

Adaobi: not for my father but for the house. What is wrong with you and when do you start complaining about the money I ask for and what I do with it?

Ayo: That’s how it will be from now on.

Adaobi: Your mother has finally succeeded in brainwashing you and I hope you realize it before its too late.

Ayo: This is the last time you talk bad about my mother.

Question: Uncle Emenike oooo! Choi.. Penalty enter throwing LOL

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  1. This is getting hot, Uncle emenike is a greedy man, something is not right concerning her father’s sickness…mama, only God knows wat u did 2 Ayo, but u will surely regret it…Ayo is really falling my hand

  2. Mami allow ur son and his wife to enjoy their marriage, stop manipulating ur son against his wife b4 is to late. Why is uncle emenike so greedy. Well I just pray nothing happens to Adaobi’s father

  3. Adaobi should have splited the money into two equal parts n send it to both his brother’s acct and his uncle. Hmmmm, Mami have succeeded on Ayo.

  4. But Adaobi self,na mum dey worry you, how you go just send the whole money to that greedy uncle of yours, mamma is really destroying Ayos home gradually

  5. dear Adelove blog, you cannot keep you waiting everytime na. post the next episode sharperly and let us quench our thirst biko.

  6. Uncle emenike will definitely misuse that money or even deny he didn’t receive any money and as for adabi she should go home and know how emenike will go about with dat money

  7. adelove! you’ve kept us waiting too long for the next espisode.
    One is even loosing thirst for it now 🙁

  8. Adaobi made a huge mistake by paying the money into his selfish uncle’s account. Ayo has been brainwashed and I see this marriage crashing cos his father might not make it out alive

  9. Please d story is taking long. We need episode 25 urgently. Most of us are already forgetting d story set, thanks to @adelovecom for the previous update.
    Pls attend to us, thank you.

  10. Please d story is taking long. We need episode 25 urgently. Most of us are already forgetting d story sef, thanks to @adelovecom for the previous update.
    Pls attend to us, thank you.

  11. Please d story is taking long. We need episode 25 urgently. Most of us are already forgetting d story sef, thanks to @adelovecom for the previous update on I. G.
    Pls attend to us, thank you.

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