Mr President, I’m not a lazy person. I have handwork – Male graduate

Emmanuel Chibuzor Okeke, a graduate of Plateau State Polytechnic has counted himself out from those President Buhari refers to as ‘lazy’

 "Mr President, I

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 "Mr President, I

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He shared photos of the pastries he makes, including Chin-chin and wrote:

“Mr President,

My name is Emmanuel Chibuzor Okeke and I’m Not a Lazy person. I’ve handwork.

M-H-M. Muscle Hustle Money”



  1. Emmanuel, yes you may not be lazy, you may have handwork, but that doesn’t remove the fact that some, if not most youth of nowadays are lazy. A situation where a 20 year old boy instead of engaging himself in a handwork and get busy,prefers to engage in what they call “yahoo yahoo” and engage in all sorts of rituals, most of those involving taking human lives, just to make easy money at that very young age, I wonder what it is if not laziness. Some of us where that young too and things weren’t a bed of roses then but because we weren’t lazy, we engaged our selves positively, with hard work and see where we are today!

    • what you said is still not laziness. In fact it’s the hardest work to engage in because it’s about life and death. It should have been better to say most rich men children are lazy. My acres of farm had been invaded severally by herdsmen and a have lost fortunes. Most poor Nigerians are just discouraged and not lazy

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