Man puts gun in woman’s vagina and shoots her

In what appears to be a case of sex game gone wrong, a yet to be identified young woman has reportedly lost her life, and the young man sentenced to jail.

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The idea of sex brings about sexual fantasies, some crazy, but in this case, deadly

48-year-old David Jeffers, has had his sentence cut for shooting a woman in the vagina as a result of circumstances which evolved around the incident

Apparently, during a drink and drug-fuelled sex session with a woman at the Britannia Hotel in Offerton area of Stockport, the antique shotgun went off while it was inside her. Jeffers upon realisation of what had happened, ran away, catching a train to Leeds and cutting off his dreadlocks to change his appearance.

Meanwhile, prior to the incident, he had messaged her referring to ‘dat ting you want up ya’, while they discussed her fantasy of having a loaded gun placed in her vagina.

This revelation led to the judge’s action, as he cut his sentence from 10 years to eight and a half. .

Mr Justice Morris ruled that he had been hard done by and didn’t have the gun to commit a crime and that the woman was up for the ‘dangerous act’.

According to reports, the incident caused ‘catastrophic’ and ‘life-changing’ internal injuries, which had had a ‘devastating’ impact on the deceased.

Cutting the sentence, the judge continued:

‘On any view, his conduct here was extremely reckless and, by his plea, he accepted that it was his intention to endanger life.

Nevertheless, in our view, there are a number of factors which lead us to the conclusion that this sentence was excessive. A sentence of the sort which the judge gave is, in our judgment, the sort of sentence that may be more likely to be imposed for possession of a gun in the context of serious criminal activity.

In this case, the context was a consensual sexual encounter. There was no background of criminality. Secondly, this isn’t a case of the possession of a conventional modern gun.

It was something like a functioning antique pistol with the least lethal in the range of shotgun pellets. He wasn’t in possession of the gun for the purpose of committing a criminal offence.

There was no hostility between the parties. She was party to the dangerous act. ‘Taking account of all of the factors, we consider that the appropriate sentence after guilty plea in this case would have been one of eight-and-a-half years.’



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