Stay away from any man who can’t make you cum – Actress Shyngle

Controversial Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has advised her fellow ladies to stay away from a man who can’t make then cum.

Image result for Stay away from any man who can’t make you cum – Actress Shyngle

Image result for Stay away from any man who can’t make you cum – Actress Shyngle

The curvy dark-skinned actress decided to wade into the issue of sexual prowess which has been very topical currently with more women finding options because their partners are not good in bed.

Princess Shyngle indicated that it will be a waste of time for ladies to worry themselves in a relationship in which they are not getting sexual climax.

She posted:

“Never stay in a relationship with someone who can’t make you cum”.

In another post she said, ”Don’t be a wife to a boyfriend”.

Her words concerning relationship matters are always considered totally blunt as she never fails to lay her mind bare. In an old Instagram post, she made mention of how her next relationship will be her last or turn out to be her first murder charge if it doesn’t work out well.

“My next relationship is either gonna be my last relationship or my first murder charge cause y’all aint gonna keep playing me like I’m average”, she said.

Ghana based Shyngle never stays away for too long from being a subject of controversy. Recently she was reported to have collapsed at a mall where she was found wearing four different types of waist trainers.

It was also alleged that the actress got kidney infection as a result of extreme waist training, but she debunked all the claims and took to her Instagram page to share the real cause of the kidney infection, saying, waist training had absolutely nothing to do with her having a kidney infection .

The controversial Princess Shyngle, who once opened up to a fan on why she cheated on her boyfriend. According to her, she preferred tall and light skinned guys, but she unfortunately had to settle with a short dark guy whom she wasn’t attracted to in any way.

She didn’t have a choice but to cheat on him when she had the opportunity.



  1. This lady is negative influence on other ladies giving a blank cheque for them to cheat. She was proud cheating with her man. Ladies please stay with whom you are Happy staying with or better stay without one at all. Cheating is never an option.

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